Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Practice attacking the net with hoops on the ground.
  • Every child has a piping bag in his hand and hands it over in the air.
  • Leapfrog
  • Here you practice the run up.
  • RH : Left, brake step with right, connect with left and over.
  • The other way round for LH.
Two teams 1 ball with a net in between. You start 2 meters from the net and serve to each other. The other person keys and catches the ball for himself. Accent is serving. If the other player can key, the server can take a step back, if not, step forward.
Place the bags diagonally in the field. Player starts with the closest kernel to the net. 4x good serve is to the next. Finally you stand at the back line. Pay attention to all accents. Tight hand, stretched arm, right leg forward, body forward.
  • Teams of 2, 1 ball at the wall.
  • You serve at about 2 meters distance from the wall and the person behind you catches the ball.
  • Also pay attention to accents: arm outstretched, body forward, right leg in front of the ball.
Team is lined up. Coach throws random balls into the field. Players have to determine who the ball is for. Attention on release/chanting. Do not chase a ball that is not for you.
  • Trainer stands in the back of the field with
    • behind row 1 : players with the ball
    • Next to them row 2: players without ball
  • Front player from row 1 pushes ball into trainer's hands and joins row 2.
  • Trainer pounces the ball in the field and player from row 2 comes running in and picks up the ball for himself.
  • Grabs/captures own ball and joins row 1.
  • High tempo and adapt to level of player who runs
  • Two teams, one ball.
  • 1 at the net and 2 in the back.
  • 1 throws the ball and 2 returns.
  • 20x then change
Trainer stands at the back of the field with a row of players with the ball behind them. A player is standing at the front left and she comes running to the middle. At the front right a player is standing near the net with a bucket on her head. Trainer throws the ball to the centre. Player comes in and plays ball bravo past the net into the bucket. Good leg in front. ('net leg' is in front), pass...