Volleyball drills for all skills


Aim: Players Setup from 1st time + targeted attack. 

  • T plays ball high over the net in the attack zone. 
  • Sv enters from pos.1 and sets up for -or backwards. 
  • A attacks on the mat/goal. 

Expand : Block, middle attack, ... 


Goal : develop game insight for attack

  • A1 plays the ball to SV. 
  • Sv set-up to pos.4 where A attacks. 
  • At the moment A attacks, A1 plays a second ball to SV. 
  • B & B1 take care of the block. (B1 always starts from pos.3), L defense. 
  • Second attack of A. place ball. L stands on a mat. Where L is not standing should be played to. 

We try to grow into a match form. Block gets points when attack can be stopped. Attack when scored or ball on the mat. Defender when defended. 


Each player has their own ball. 

  1. The players will play the ball in front of themselves.
  • trainer tells them what to do
    • forearm play
    • get down on your knees
    • make a round on your knees
    • lie down and get up again

        2. with every exercise you keep on playing

  • 2 numbers (preferably variable)
  • Trainer throws balls at set position
  • Setter calls a set outside and calls a number (1..4)
  • Attacker strikes the ball to the named position.
  • Server to position 6
  • Reception to player in the front center
  • Plays forwards or backwards to position 2 or 4
    • lateral displacement to position 2 or 4 (street)

    • displacement slide

    • Setter calls slide or street, to where the attack is given
  • Attack to defender
    • defender may attack on the position where the ball is coming from
    • The one who made the attack, runs over and a 2 against 3 is played

Organization: 6 players per field

  • 2 play the serve, each on either side of the grid, at position 1
  • Serve to 5 or 6, set up and pass ball to server
  • Server defends to position 6, 
    • it performs the first contact
    • and the previous attacker set the ball to position 2
    • the defence player
  • As long as there are 2 balls, continue, if there is 1 case, go for the point.

Variant: The defender is checked whether the defender is short or deep, short ball is pokey, deep ball is technical ball.


Stand opposite each other in pairs:

  • 1 person has 2 tennis balls, the other 2 volleyballs.
  • The person with the volleyballs throws one ball high to the other person, to 1 of his 2 hands.
  •  That person has to throw the tennis ball in that hand low back to the other person
  • Always the same person who performs the first action

Stand opposite to each other in pairs:

  • 1 person has a tennis ball, the other a volleyball
  • Volleyball is replayed in 2 contact, high or low
  • The tennis ball is then replayed in 1 contact, low if the volleyball comes high, high if the volleyball comes low

Per 2 opposite each other:

  • Variation on previous exercise
  • If the volleyball is played high, it must be replayed directly in 1 contact (tennis ball is played low at the same time).
  •  If the volleyball is played low, it will be replayed in 2 contacts

Per 2 opposite each other:

  • Play ball as long as possible towards each other with only the arms.

Goal: Libero training and defense

  • T plays in tempo the balls to SV. 
  • SV set-up (2nd tempo) to A (position 3) --> targeted attack to position 1 or to B (position 4) --> targeted attack to position 6.
  • L starts from pos 6 + defense to SV2

Extension 1 : After defense from L to SV, set-up to position 4 where C attacks (aimed) 

Extension 2 : L2 defended attack from C, C is going to catch ball. 


Purpose: peripheral view. 

  • C plays the ball to L. 
  • L plays the ball to pos 3/2 --> SV2
  • Meanwhile, B3 moves to pos 2 or 4. (draw. to 2)
  • SV2 setup to the pos. where there is only one block. 
  • C goes blocking 
  • A attacks.


  • T plays ball to SV1
  • SV1 setup to attacker where there are two blocks. 

Extension : field defense.