Volleyball drills for all skills

2 teams with 1 ball. One team drops the ball from high and just after the bounce the other team has to catch the ball. Exchange.
  • Hang the net diagonally and put the children on the big one together
  • The small ones at the low net etc.
  • Trainer holds ball in the air and player makes run up and knocks ball out of your hands.
  • Don't focus on a nice ball, it's about the run up and wrist movement.
  • 3 teams.
  • A and B stand at the net and C faces A.
  • A throws ball to C, C hits to B and B plays bra bl past the net to A.
  • If it goes well A also plays bra to C and so on.
  • If it doesn't go well then A takes off and starts again.
  • Pay attention to the fact
    • the right leg is in front during the setup
    • that the right leg is fixed
    • and use energy from the left foot
  • Turn after 10 x
  • 2 fields, 2 groups and a ball for everybody.
  • They stand in the middle of the field (near the net) with their backs against each other.
  • At sign of the trainer they throw the ball and catch it.
  • Only when they have succeeded, they run to the other side.
    • Idem only this time they sit and when the trainer tells them they throw the ball, catch it and move to the other side.
    • Idem lying on back
    • Idem lying on belly
  • Do each exercise 3 times and make it a competition (who has the first one on the other side).
2 benches opposite each other with goalkeeper in front of the bench. 2 teams who, by sitting low and looking, hit the ball with a flat hand to score. Ball may not go up.
  • Practice attacking the net with hoops on the ground.
  • Every child has a piping bag in his hand and hands it over in the air.
  • Leapfrog
  • Here you practice the run up.
  • RH : Left, brake step with right, connect with left and over.
  • The other way round for LH.
Two teams 1 ball with a net in between. You start 2 meters from the net and serve to each other. The other person keys and catches the ball for himself. Accent is serving. If the other player can key, the server can take a step back, if not, step forward.
Place the bags diagonally in the field. Player starts with the closest kernel to the net. 4x good serve is to the next. Finally you stand at the back line. Pay attention to all accents. Tight hand, stretched arm, right leg forward, body forward.
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