Volleyball drills for all skills

  • three defenders in the field
  • One person who catches
  • rest: serving
  • serve quickly after each other 
  • every person in the field has to bring 10 perfect receptions to the catcher
  • catcher decides whether reception is good
  • when a defender has done 10 perfect receptions, he becomes catcher, and the catcher is going to serve 
  • There is 1 playmaker, 1 person throwing balls. numbers to put in the hoops. 
  • The playmaker sets up the ball for the attacker who smashes or pricks the balls in the hoop. 
  • You can place the hoops on the positions you want, as you are going to train your team. 
  • Try to have them play in sequence. 
  • and once they are used to it 
  • you start calling out hoop number in which they have to smash/prick the ball . 


Moving at blocking


Two players left and right forward at net (Player position A and B). All other players in two lines after each other. 


  • Player C and D together walk forward to the net.
  • Player C and D together block at position 1.
  • Player C lands after block on right leg and steps to position 2 to block A together.
  • Player D lands after block on his left leg and steps to position 2 to block B together.
  • C and D remain left and right forward after block, players A and B join back of line.



Improve reaction and speed


Repetition:In total, do 5 series of 10 balls. 


  • Players 1, 2, and 3 with ball in half circle. 
  • Player 4 before the 3 players with ball.
  • Player 5 indicates, behind the back of player 4, which player has to let go of his ball
  • Everybody 10 balls. Person with the most saves wins the game.
  • Player 5 picks up balls if necessary and keeps count 


Focus of this exercise is the service pass.

Start serving calmly, raise pressure in the course of the exercise.

  • A serves to B
  • B passes to C
  • C catches, and joins position D
  • D serves or E
  • E passes to F
  • F catches and joins position A


  • A takes 3 steps into the field, after the pass/set up follows a controlled straight attack, which A defends himself .
  • A catches ball, and gives it to a reserve server on position A
  • Idem for D

8 Players: reserve on serving position
10 players: position reserve on serving position and pass
12 players: 2 reserves serving position, 1 reserve pass position
14 players: 2 reserves on serving position and pass


  • make 2 lines on the 3 meter line
  • from both the lines, 2 players walk forward to make a block
  • then they move sidewards to the outside position
  • the next player from the line moves forward and makes a block
  • he also goes outside and joins the previous player
  • together the make a block
  • The first player joins back in the line and the second moves to the outside position
  • Note: pay attention to the feet of the outside player as middle man/woman. In principle, the outside player sets the block!
  • put down 1 chest
  • start as low as possible (so 1 low)
  • the players make an attack run from the cone
  • push off with two legs
  • end on the chest with both hand in the air (possible clap hands)
  • then 2 block jumps at the net.
    • Pay attention to steps sideways
  • then around the cone and trainer throws a dive ball
    • Pay attention to sliding on the belly
    • Fetch ball and put in box
    • join the back for jumping
  • give each other the right arm and bend the knees to sitting position.
  • idem left arm


  • pairs shake hands crossed (see picture) and bend the knees to sitting position.