Volleyball drills for all skills

  • The players are lined up in two lines on both sides of the net
  • The front two players play the ball overarm over the net 
  • They move to the next line, play overarm again, and move along the net while playing. 
  • Then the next two, etc
  • Then they make two lines at the middle of the net, play overarm, and then make a block jump in the middle, and join at the back, etc.
  • Then overarm and a block jump to the outside
  • first explain technique (heart shape, 10 fingers playing the ball)
  • pairs, only play overarm, begin with catching throwing.
  • slowly expand to short contact
  • distance not too long and concentration.
  • pay close attention to fingers in heart shape and playing with 10 fingers 
  • it is about the success experience,
  • Trainers: shows basis, right leg forward, make plank, step in, etc.
  • In pairs with 1 ball. Player at the net throws ball to player in the back which passes back. Is the pass correct, then play overarm, but be strict!! 20 balls, then change.
    (Score keeping every good ball is a point)
  • Idem, only now the balls are thrown short/long, so back player has to move forwards/backwards.
  • T1 places to playmaker 1
  • Set-up to 2
  • Attack left forward 
  • 1+2 block, then back for attack
  • T2 plays the ball to playmaker 3, coming in from the right back
  • set up to 2 on middle or to 1 on right forward 
VARIATION: Idem: to left forward


Per 3: 1 person at the net, 1 person on the end line, 1 person in between  ;

  • Person in between is going to work each time, gets the ball from person at the net, underhand back. Turns backwards after few steps, ball from end line, underhand back. Turn back and repeat (20x reception)
  • Can be thrown or hit

Per 2: 1 person at the net and 1 person on 3 meter line.

  • Ball is thrown from the net to 3 meter line, overarm back. 
  • Move backwards, and ball is hit to end line, overarm back
  • End line is tagged by this player, person at the net lets the ball drop. Dive after 1 collision

Lower net and play sitting volleyball. Have to play 3 times, first ball can be caught.


-  1 serve, pass to S
-   S sets up at 3 meters to one of the passers
-  idem other side
-  make rally
-  serve from the side where the ball hits the ground


in pairs, practice fanatically


- 1, 2 and 3 start from end line
- sprint to middle line and back to the back field
-  C plays a ball in the back field
- 1, 2 and 3 build up an attack (pass, set-up and attack) 
- get the ball yourself.
- next trio




-1 defender starts behind the end line
-  C plays high ball in the field
-  1 comes in and plays overarm to S
-  S sets up backwards to 4
-  Attack through the middle, attacker gets the ball
-  1 will be attacker, and 2 will be defender
VARIATION: with block, 

Then with middle attackers and then with outside attackers