Volleyball drills for all skills


Trainer throws balls

  1. Sv plays set-up
  2. Attackers attack over the net. Go and get the ball. On the other side of the net
  3. Place ball in ballcarrier
    • Also perform with set-up to position 2
    • Also perform with alternating set-up to position 2 and position 4.
  4. Trainer throws 6 balls on different spots.
  5. Sv must always return to home position.


  1. Pass the ball from pos 6 to pos 3.
  2. Run in, turn + set-up to pos 4, then cover.
  3. Idem but set-up to pos 2
  4. Idem but on pos 6 first CT, then play the ball forward and now after turning in play a jumped set-up.



Three balls per two players.

  1. Throw your own ball and catch it again.
    • Third ball is tested over and over again
  2. Same as in jump pass


One ball per player

  1. One ball touch. other ball roll
  2. One ball pass, other ball collide
  3. One ball push. throw other ball
  4. Idem 1) and 2) but with jumped set-up


  • Trainer strikes ball at pos 1,6.
  • Players bring the pass --> SV --> AV.
  • Other side defends ball and completes rally
  • Space through on both sides
  • Serve in pairs over the net from the (back) line.
    • If necessary divide over 2 fields.
    • Distribute the hoops on one side of the net.
  • Child with ball in serving position, other stands in a hoop on the other side.
  • If the ball can be caught without stepping out of the hoop, the hoop is won.
  • After each serve change position, until there are no more hoops.
  • Which team collects the most hoops?
  • 2 pairs on both sides of the net with 1 ball
  • The ball is played back and forth in threes;
  • The back player passes, the front player sets, the back player comes in and plays the ball easily over the net.
  • The players at the other side do the same
  • Front and back players rotate every time the ball is played over the net.
  • After that, a simple attacking stroke and possibly a hard attacking stroke can be added.
  • Players stand in a circle with a ball each
  • In the middle lies a ball. (large ball)
  • Try to hit the ball.
  • You may keep the ball in the circle using your feet



First phase, per 2:

  • Pitcher has 2 tennis balls,
    • Which he takes turns throwing into a zone where the receiver is standing,
    • Short distance
    • Receiver catches with 1 hand each time

  • Same with volleyballs
    • Receiver doesn't catch anymore, but plays back underhand.

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