Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Red player plays the ball.
  • Then build up between the blue and pass.
  • F plays to B.
  • B makes reception to A.
  • A plays a short ball to F.
  • F plays back and A plays the ball to D.
  • D passes to G.
  • G to A.
  • A plays two short backs and G plays to C.

The players choose a number combination and they do this warm-up:

  • 5 sit-ups
  • walk 5 revolutions
  • 5 pumps
  • lunges to the net
  • line tapping
  • knee lift back and forth
  • heel in the buttock
  • leapfrog
  • diving on the mat back and forth
  • Each player has a ball and dribbles down the hall.
  • At the sign of the trainer:
  • Throw ball up, head, catch
  • Throw ball up, knee, catch
  • Throw ball up, pass, catch
  • Throw ball up, pass, catch head
  • Throw ball up, pass, overhand, catch
  • Throw ball up, right shoulder, catch
  • Throw ball up, left shoulder, catch
  • Throw ball up, right shoulder, left shoulder, catch
  • Three passers are on the field.
  • One play.
  • On the other side are the other three players.
  • They take turns hitting the ball five times.
  • When the server throws up the ball the players may stand and finish the rally.
  • Finish the rally.
  • Then change.
  • Course:
  • Start at the ladder.
  • Shuffle to the middle of the net.
  • Make a block jump -> to the right and another block jump.
  • Slalom around the poles.
  • Shuffle around the pawns.
  • Coach plays ball to playmaker.
  • Three attackers and only one block.
  • Three defenders .
  • In the middle of the field there are a number of balls, less than there are players.
  • The players walk around the field (full field). As soon as the trainer calls BAL, they have to fetch a ball first.
  • Then they do an assignment: Pumping, sit-ups or frog-jump block (two times each). Everyone does this five times, those who don't have a ball do di
  • Form several teams.
  • Winning team can go under the net.
  • Opposite team scores a point = stay put.
  • Other team makes point ==> change at the other side of the net.