Volleyball drills for all skills


To make sure that players learn to play in a rhythm, the ball has to be under way for 2 seconds each time (21-22). 

  • All players will try to play synchronously at the same time.
  • This starts with overarm.
  • The next form is that the player in the back field is going to play underhand and the player on the net overarm.
  • In this way it can be extended.

he most important thing is that the players keep the ball in the air for 2 counts.

A big mistake during blocking is that players mostly watch the ball. From the moment the ball leaves the playmaker until the moment of hitting the volleyball by the attacker, the ball is watched. However, the most information can be derived from the attacker. Where is the ball going to be hit, how are the shoulders? The task is to teach the players, after they have seen which attacker is served by the playmaker, to watch the attacker.

In this exercise the trainer is standing behind the pair that forms the blocking. The trainer throws the ball over the net and the attackers hit the ball. Blocking players can no longer follow ball and they have to watch the attacker. Of course, the trainer can apply further technical improvements, such as the position of the hand, what to do after the block landing, and the way of landing

if the trainer want to keep his or her hand free to apply technical improvements while the rest of the exercise continues, the attacker can throw the ball one by one, or the playmakers.

Variations are:
1: only an outside block
2: with mid block
3: also position attackers at the mid position

It is important the players focus on the attacker.



See picture. Each trio 2 balls. 2 players at the net number of meters from each other, other player in the back field.

  • Exercise 1: Players rapidly throw in turns, player in the back field returns ball underhand.
  • First ball is deep, 2nd ball is short
  • Exercise 3: Throwers increase their distance apart and throw straight: player with ball at the side line throws deep, other short . 

Change places after x number of balls or after a certain time.

Hit to outside and middle


Beside the playmaker, the other players execute a pass, an attack, and a service.


The exercise is as follows:

  • 1 Player 1 throws a tight ball to player 7
  • 2a player 7 passes the ball to the playmaker
  • 2b player 1 walks to the other line and joins the back.
  • 3 the playmaker gives a set up to player 6
  • 4 player 6 smashes the ball to the mat
  • 5 player 6 picks up his own ball
  • 6 player 6 serves the ball to the other mat
  • 7 player 6 picks up his own ball
  • 8 player 6 joins the line
  • This can also be done a middle attack

After 10 minutes, a block is added

  • The cards of a complete deck (including jokers) are placed face down on the ground at a central spot in the playing area.
  • The players are divided over 4 teams in the 4 corners of the playing area.
  • Every team has to collect different kind of cards: hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs.
  • After signal, the first player of every team can go to the central point to collect 1 card.
  • The player turns one card, and has to take it if it is the right kind (or a joker).
  • If it is the wrong kind, he has to put it back face down.
  • The next player can leave if he is tagged (relay race).

Which team is first in showing a line of 13 cards of their kind?

A large, thick mat in the middle of the field.

Surrounded by obstacles to hide behind.

A number of kids is on the mat and have to try to throw the other kids off the mat with the balls.

The other children have to try to get completely around the field before they can hand in, for example, a dot or a ring as a point.


Balls, thick mat, obstacles such as chest or carts, and dots or hats to be used as points.

  • make 2 equal teams.
  • Each team has 1 ball on their own field
  • Trainer throws rally ball into field of a team
  • Team plays 3 times before ball goes to the other team
  • Player can have only 1 ball at the same time
  • If the ball is dropped or similar, the other team scores a point.
  1. Stand up straight with your feet a bit wider than a shoulder's width apart.
  2. Grab your feet at the toes, while keeping your legs stretched.
  3. Move your hips downwards until between your ankles and move your breast forward.
  4. Move your hips back up again until your legs are stretched. Keep your back straight and keep holding your toes.



drop-lunge-1Start from an upright position

  1. Place your left foot diagonally behind your right foot, at a distance of about 60 cm.
  2. Rotate your hips back in the direction your right foot is pointing.
  3. Lower your right leg and keep the heel of your right foot on the ground
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement with your other body half.
  5. Repeat these movements a number of times.
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