Volleyball drills

In pairs with 1 ball, take turns hitting the ground against the wall.

Team formation! New in square!

  • Just tilted due to different lengths of children.
  • Preferably make groups with equally sized children.
  • Trainer has ball in hand and player takes ball out of hands.
  • It doesn't matter how they hit the ball, just pay attention to the run up!

- Making a buck

- Make a run for it:

- Right handed: left, right, left

- Left handed: right, left, right

Rope ladders, 2 next to each other so 2 groups

  • In and out with 1 foot in each box
  • In and out with 2 feet in each box
  • Move sideways with short steps
  • 2 forward and 1 backward with 2 feet in each compartment

Player stands at the net with bucket above his head, may move a little but do not bend over. Trainer stands on the backline with a row of players with the ball next to him. Trainer throws ball randomly in the field and player puts ball in bucket. Make it more and more difficult.

  1. throw - underhand
    • 2 teams with 1 ball.
    • Player at the net throws the ball to the other player who plays it back underhand.
    • after 15 times change
  2. Throwing - sideways - underhand
    • Idem only now the ball is thrown to the left and right of the player and the player moves around the pawn.
    • After 20x change.


  • Mind the plank
  • and right foot for
  • 2 against 2 half field (or slightly larger than half)
  • Field 1 serves
  • If you score you move to field 2
  • You have to play in 3 teams
  • If field 2 scores, it may stay and the serving side joins the back of the group.
  • The one who stays on field 2 has a point
  • The one who does not press the button(LOS CALL) has to go to the net ON TIME.
  • Preferably 4 teams of 2 but that depends on the size of the group.
  • Otherwise on 2 fields (at least 3 teams per field)

3 teams with 1 ball. Player a and player b stand next to each other at the net and player c stands opposite a. A throws the ball to c and c plays underhand to b. c moves opposite b and then passes the ball to a. If you succeed you may continue to play, but it must be concentrated and neat!

2 teams with 1 ball. Player a throws 10 balls to the left and right of player b. Player b moves and plays back underhand.

Play the ball up for yourself. Can you make it 10?

Going up and down the bench with feet

Rope ladder - hopscotch and lift right knee

- hopscotch and lift left knee

- both feet in and out

Stand in a circle and make a small square with both feet for 1 minute