Volleyball drills

2 teams with 1 ball. Player a throws 10 balls to the left and right of player b. Player b moves and plays back underhand.

Play the ball up for yourself. Can you make it 10?

Going up and down the bench with feet

Rope ladder - hopscotch and lift right knee

- hopscotch and lift left knee

- both feet in and out

Stand in a circle and make a small square with both feet for 1 minute

2 by 2 play a game form. You bring the ball into play by throwing. Player a keys the ball to the net and player b, who was standing next to a, moves forward and plays the ball up past the net for player a to come in and play it over the net. Keep ball in play.

Play the ball overhand over the net in pairs

1 and 4 are on service position both on their own half and they throw a ball over the net to 2 and 5. These keys pass the ball to 3 and 6 and they catch the ball. Run after your ball. Practice first. Do not make mistakes, try 10 times to do this correctly. So we play together!

Player stands at the net with bucket above his head, may move a little but do not bend over. Trainer stands on the backline with a row of players with the ball next to him. Trainer throws ball randomly in the field and player puts ball in bucket. Make it more and more difficult.

- In 2 groups with 1 ball. One throws 15 balls to the other and he has to return them.

- The same, only now the ball is thrown to the left and right of the player and the player moves around the pawn. Change 20 times

  • Going up and down the bench with 1 foot
  • Stand behind the bench, jump over it with 2 legs at the same time and then stand still when landing and drop to the front to sprint to the other side

Trainer throws balls over the net and the player

- Catches the ball with arms stretched low and one knee on the ground

- Above the head

- On the knee and then catch

- On the shoulder and then catch

- Lying down and then dropping the ball on the buttocks

Choose in training how many times

  • Play a game with as many own teams as possible
  • pay attention to the rules of the game:
    • BONUSPUNT: if played in 3s
    • but can also play in 1 or 2x if it is not possible to play in a different way.
    • STIMULATE so play 3 times
  • Possible 3rd team goes against 1 or 2 trainers
    • adjust the rules for trainers in such a way that it is somewhat equivalent.
    • e.g. trainers must play in 3