Volleyball drills for all skills


Make 2 or 3 lines on the end line.
Goal: service has to be correct!! 

  • The first of each line serves the ball and picks it up again.
  • The next can only serve when tapped.
  • If the ball is served into the net, the ball has to be picked up and served again.

Which line has a 100% service score???

  • The trainer puts the ball on the middle line.
  • On the end line on both sides of the net is a line of players.
  • At the trainer's signal, the run to the ball, who has it can keep it.

Which team collects the most balls


Service pass training for 4 to 12 persons
4 persons:
2 servers on the service spot .
1 passer
1 catcher
(static) Server serves, passer passes the ball to catcher, catcher catches the ball and rolls it back to the server.
(dynamic) same as static, but then the involved player walks after the ball. (server becomes passer, passer becomes catcher, etc.)

6 persons.
2 servers
3 passers
1 catcher
(Static) see four persons
(dynamic) server serves the ball and walks after his/her ball.
Passer passes the ball to catcher. The most right player becomes catcher
Server moves in from the left. Catcher becomes server. If this does not work, 1 passer becomes reserve.



1 - dive to 3 meter
2 - attack jump with hitting movement
3 - block on mid and left
4 - block at the same time with 3 block and 2x dive to end line
     ( links, rechts)
5 - low defense to 6 over the end line
6   sprint back
 3 times around

Loosen ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists

stomach muscle exercises

20 x up, 20 x tapping ankles, 20 x tapping foot, 20 x knees to the left, 20 x knees to the right

Movement prep and core stability:

hip cross over 10 x,  scorpion 10 x, planking 10 sec, planking left, planking right

  • 5x push up (can also be done on knees)
  • planking (straight back) 3x with 15 sec. rest in between.
  • lie down on your back, cycle for 1 minute
  • 10x entire stomach exercise 
  • The players are lined up in two lines on both sides of the net
  • The front two players play the ball overarm over the net 
  • They move to the next line, play overarm again, and move along the net while playing. 
  • Then the next two, etc
  • Then they make two lines at the middle of the net, play overarm, and then make a block jump in the middle, and join at the back, etc.
  • Then overarm and a block jump to the outside
  • first explain technique (heart shape, 10 fingers playing the ball)
  • pairs, only play overarm, begin with catching throwing.
  • slowly expand to short contact
  • distance not too long and concentration.
  • pay close attention to fingers in heart shape and playing with 10 fingers 
  • it is about the success experience,
  • Trainers: shows basis, right leg forward, make plank, step in, etc.
  • In pairs with 1 ball. Player at the net throws ball to player in the back which passes back. Is the pass correct, then play overarm, but be strict!! 20 balls, then change.
    (Score keeping every good ball is a point)
  • Idem, only now the balls are thrown short/long, so back player has to move forwards/backwards.
  • T1 places to playmaker 1
  • Set-up to 2
  • Attack left forward 
  • 1+2 block, then back for attack
  • T2 plays the ball to playmaker 3, coming in from the right back
  • set up to 2 on middle or to 1 on right forward 
VARIATION: Idem: to left forward


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