Volleyball drills for all skills

  • pairs with net in between and 1 ball
  • Make last 2 steps of attack run (large step + connecting step)
  • Throw ball up with both hands
  • and hit ball underneath the net 
    • 1 hand points to the ball
    • the other hand hits
    • clamp wrist around ball
  • The other catches the ball and does the same.


  • A serves B
  • B plays to C
  • C sets up and B plays over net
  • Walk after your own ball

  • Line of players A  (+- 4 players) in the middle of a field with a ball
  • Player 1 is centre forward and is properly thrown ball by first player from line A
  • Player 1 plays ball overarm in the basket
    • bend elbows
    • stretch elbows and point after ball 
  • Player at the basket catches and joins line A.


  • Make groups of 6-8 players
  • Put the players on one side of the net. This is thefree side
  • On the other side of the net, you indicate a box. This is the prison
  • 1 player starts in prison
  • The trainer throws the ball (as set up) 
  • Players on the right side of the net smash/play in the prison and on the ground

  • If this works:
    • player does not have to go to prison and can stay on the free side
  • If this doesnot work:
    • player has to go to prison

  • A player that is in prison can get out by:
    1. easy variant: catch the ball  
      • free player has to go TO prison, and the catcher can get OUT
    2. hard variant: pass the ball and another player from prison catches ball
      • free player has to go TO prison and the  passer can get OUT of prison


  • keep groups small
  • make a plank
  • everybody lie down in a circle
  • x number of seconds, y number of times
  • do no lower hip!



  • virtual circle with 2m diameter around every player
  • player throws ball overarm up high for himself
  • let the ball bounce 1x in the circle
  • and overarm high again

Ball has to go high otherwise it will not bounce enough.


make attack run:

  • Right handed:  left, right,left
  • Left handed: right, left , right

Players sorted on length

  • lower the net on one side
  • player throws the ball to  trainer
  • trainer holds ball up
  • players hit the ball out of the trainer's hands
  • keep to your side of the net

pay attention to the run, not the shot

  • you jump with your arms!
  • you hit with your stomach!
  1. Take a step to the right from an upright position, keeping your feet (and the rest of your body) pointing forward.
  2. Lower yourselves with your upper body upright and your weight on your right foot. Lower as far as possible and keep your left leg stretched and your feet flat on the floor
  3. Repeat the same movement with our left leg.
  4. Repeat these movements a number of times.

Usually, the arms are left beside the body or are stretched above the head.
Some volleyball players perform this exercise with their arms stretched forward as if they want to play a ball underhand.


  1. Stretch your arms to the sides with clenched fists and thumbs up.
  2. Bend over with your left leg stretched until your upper body is completely horizontal while you are balancing on your right foot. Move your left leg and your upper body in unison.
  3. Do the same with your right leg while you balance on your left foot.
  4. Repeat these movements a number of times, alternating between your left and right leg.