Volleyball drills for all skills

  • The players are next to each other on the end line
  • From a defensive position, take a step forward
    • and the upper body is moved forward as low as possible. 
    • the stretched leg has to be bent so the body stays low. 
    • Meanwhile the arms are stretched, pointed forward. 
    • When the buttocks of the player move past the forward foot, the player will fall over, and the arms are placed next to each other on the ground to catch the fall 
  • While the hands are on the foot, the back should be hollow, and the body moves a bit further forward. 
  • The goal is that the belly touches the ground first.
  • After, the player goes back to the place where he landed, and repeats the exercise, until the net is reached. 
  • Usually this takes 2 or 3 dives.
  • 2 pairs 1 ball
  • the one pitches NEXT to the body
  • the other passes
  • Pay attention that the one shoulder goes down and the other shoulder goes up
  • Do make a plank
  • The most service passes are pitched next to the body
  • pairs with 1 ball. 
  • Pass with 1 arm and every time a bounce in between. 
  • Alternate left and right. 
  • Pay attention that they correctly turn their body, as in tennis.
  • alternately place hats left - right
  • players have to move sideways and forward move 
  • touch every hat
  • return backwards
  • first easily
  • and with relay race

  • fold a newspaper over the net
  • make the paper a little higher than the net, for example by using pegs on the newspaper, leaning on the net
  • players have a point if they hit the newspaper AND serve correctly
  • select by putting the better players on field 1, increasing to field 6
  • first cooperate: who reaches the first 7x in a row (do 2x)
  • then against each other
  1. begin of catch-throw movement and then 2x overarm, over the 
  2. then catch-throw movement, 3x overarm, over the, touch end line
  3. 1-1-move-up-move-down-1

  • now move up-move down 
  • field 1 = winner, field 6 = loser
  • so winner changes with loser on lower field, loser changes with winner on higher field 
  • who is the first to have 3 points
  • without serving (being with catch-throw movements)
  • on field 5 and 6: catch-throw movement, 3x overarm
  • on field 3 and 4: catch-throw movement, 3x overarm, touch end line
  • on field 1 and 2: serve (or catch-throw movement, if it is not working), play overarm 1x, play 1x or 2x overarm
  • Zig-zag between cones go back backwards 
  • Zig-zag with shuffle pass. 
  • Skate step/jump. 
  • Sideways/skateboarding
    • left forward. 
    • right forward. 
  • Turn back around cone
  • Ah end relay race between 2 lines

  • 3 to 4 players, 1 ball, entire field 3 to 4 players
  • Lower net, and then match hitting ball over the net
  • The other is trying to catch
  • The ball can bounce 1 time and the other tries to catch (can also catch immediately)
  • After catching, throw to other player and smash again
  • If the ball is not caught, you have a point

this exercise teaches the players to play 'smart'. Just over the net, or in the back in the corners 

explanation is for 6 players

  • line 1 of 3 players with ball behind trainer
  • rij 2 of 2 players to attack at left forward
  • player from line 1 pushes ball in hands trainer, and player immediately walks to reserve position sv
  • Trainer throws ball up to centre forward
  • Play SV from centre forward the ball overarm on right or left forward (as setup)
  • sv walks immediatelyafter playing the ball to the line of attackers
  • there are 5 hoops on the other field
    • 1 in all corners of the field and 1 in the middle of the field
  • player comes in play ball in hoop
  • if this works SV AND PLAYER a point
  • get own ball, join line servers
  • in this exercise it is important to immediately walk on after  the action
  • play-overarm-in-hoops
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