Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Is allowed 3x for yourself
  • No bonus points for 3x playing
  • serve normally
  • half field
  • antenna in middle of the net
  • end line at around 3 m
  • this exercise teaches them to:
    • play smart, short, etc
    • properly assess in and out
    • on responsibility!
  • Go forward immediately after serving, otherwise the ball will be on the ground right over the net
  • train forward to move backwards, and immediately position after playing! Emphasize this

Split group in 3

Field 1)

  • Put a mat in every field randomly.
  • here is a group to serve on 2 sides. 
  • Serve on the mat. 
  • Then you follow the ball and join the line on the other side.
  • Who has hit the mat the most often?

Veld 2)

  • pairs with 1 ball.
  • 1 field full of hoops.
  • Player 1 is in a random hoop, and player 2 serves towards it.
  • If player 1 catches the ball without leaving the hoop, the hoop is for the pair.
  • Who has the most hoops in the end?
  • per hoop a point

Field 3)

  • 2 players, 1 catcher
  • The rest is going to serve.
  • You serve to score, and then you become player
  • Players have to try to play 1x and the other catch 
  • Player becomes catcher, and catcher is going to serve.
  • You score a point if the player cannot catch the ball in 2x
  • 2 players, each have their own ball
  • 1 of 2 players is the boss, the other follower (later reverse this)
  • You start simple and you can expand with various difficulties
  1. if the boss throws the ball with a bounce, the follower throws the ball on breast height to the bass
  2. if the boss throws the ball on breast height, the follower throws the ball with a bounce.
  3. More difficult: if the boss puts down the ball, the follower also puts down the ball, and both walk to the ball of the other, boss throws bounce or breast ball etc
  4. More difficult: if the boss throws the ball in a high arch, then:
    • the follower first throws his own ball in the air
    • catches the boss' ball
    • immediately throws it back
    • catches his own ball
  • after a while, change all bosses and followers
  • We play on the two outer fields
  • In the centre field is a cone in the middle of the field
  • on both sides of the net.
    • Players play a game in which the ball has to be played at once over the net
    • If you have played the ball, you skip sideways towards the cone, touch it, and join the back of the line.
      • if the group is larger than three, it can be expanded with block and then backwards  to the cone)
    • If you can get the ball on the ground in the opponent's field close to the side line (trainers decide whether it is close enough), the opponents have to walk around their opponent's field.
  • Divide the group in two
  • We use two halve fields per group.
  • Everybody gets a peg on his knee protector.
  • The idea is to collect as many pegs as possible by taking them from someone else.
  • The exercise is intended to sit low, which on the front feet, improve feet work, and get warm.
  • Both players have a ball
  • Start the exercise easy, build up according to level
  • 1 of 2 is the boss (change after a while)
  • the boss decides how he throws the ball to the other
  • with a bounce, the follower throws a breast ball
  • the boss throws a breast ball, the follower throws a bounce
  • make more difficult:
  • boss throws ball in high arch, follower first throws his own ball up high, catches ball boss, then catches own ball
  • puts ball on the ground, follower puts ball on the ground, and both run to each others ball, and boss quickly decides something
  • the idea is to make it hard for each other
  • Player stands with bucket above head at the net
    • You can move a little, but not bend over!
    • Player with bucket remains for 1 round
  • Trainer is on the end line/or in the middle of the field with 2 lines players:
    • 3 players with ball (with trainer)
    • 3 without ball (on the end line)
    • Player with ball pushes ball in hands trainer
  • Trainer randomly throws ball in field and player dunks ball in bucket
    • in the bucket is a point
    • player takes his own ball and joins line with ball
    • walk back around
  • Make increasingly difficult!


  • 2 teams with everybody a ball.
  • After starting signal, 3 extra balls are thrown in the field.
  • Only serve overarm
  • When the time stops EVERYBODY drops ALL balls
  • The one with   the FEWEST balls on its side, has won
  • 2 lines of players
    • 1 line left in the back
    • 1 line right in the back
  • create a virtual line with 4 cones behind which they have to line up
  • trainer is on the other side of the net   and throws the ball somewhere in the field
  • 1 of 2 most front in the line callsLET GO or IK (agree)  
  • this player passes the ball over the net to the previous player
  • a round of catching for the next
  • If you did not have the ball, join the shortest line
  • call-let-go
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