Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Warming up
  • Ground exercises
  • Set up in threes, chase the ball
  • A to C, C to B, B setuo to C, C to A, A to B, B set up to A etc.
  • Attacking three positions.
  • Other side of the net, three blockers.
  • Coach throws ball to libero.
  • After attack: block position three.
  • The one who blocked on position two or four: get ball and attack.
  • Position three takes over that spot.
  • Two teams on both sides.
  • After every well played ball, turn in three.
  • Pass obliquely if you don't have a complete team.
  • Half of the team lined up at position 2.
  • Other half of the team with ball at position 5.
  • Just start throwing in and chasing the ball.
  • Extend with passing at position 5 and overhand at position 2.
  • Then expand further by adding exercises like blocking at the net, diving etc.

2 children and 1 towel

The children catch and throw the ball over the net. The towel is between both children. Opponent also has 2 children with 1 towel. Points are just like regular volleyball

  • For fitness this is a good exercise:
  • The group has to line up and you let them start dribbling slowly.
  • As soon as the trainer blows the whistle, the last one in line should run forward.
  • Do this until everyone has run and then let them finish the circle.
  • All players stand outside the court behind the back line.
  • They throw the ball up at their own pace/height and serve over the net.
  • Extend: Practice targeted serving.
  • Put 1 or 2 hoops in the field and let the players serve to them.
  • You can practice with:
    • Overhand serve
    • Underhand serves
    • Float serves
    • Jump serve
  • Making a circle,
  • The circle always consists of pairs of players.
  • In the middle of the circle there are exactly the number of balls minus 1.
  • The players stand behind each other,
  • At the start signal the player in the back jumps three times on the back of the player in front,
  • After 3 times this player runs 2 rounds on the circle, crawls between the legs of his buddy and takes a ball,
  • The last one to come has no ball.
  • Lie on your back.
  • Legs at 90° angle.
  • Weight in each hand.
  • Raise your arms.
  • Extend left leg along with right arm.
  • Extend right leg along with left arm.
  • Etc