Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Sitting position against the wall.
  • Legs in an angle of 90°.
  • Every 20 seconds you get a ball thrown to you
    • Underhand pass
    • Back to sitting position against the wall.
  • Player A tips the ball deep to player C,
  • Player C plays the ball to player B,
  • B then tips the ball short and player C takes that ball and plays it back to player B.
  • B gives a pass to the corner where player A is going to attack.
  • Meanwhile, player C goes to defend the ball being attacked by player A on the other side and defends the ball to player B.
  • And then player A shifts to C,
  • C to B, and
  • B to A.
  • In pairs 3 metres apart (practise storage),
    • Then stand further apart: 4 - 5 - 6 m
  • Throwing with hands, body stationary

  • 1 and 2 start at the back of the field
  • 3 is at the other side of the net
  • 3 has the ball, taps it and throws it over
  • On knock on the ball 1 runs forward and passes the ball underhand to 3

  • Step on the bench, move your right foot along the bench, just not touching the ground, so bend your left leg. Then do the same with left foot.
  • Stand next to the bench, one foot on the bench, jump up over the bench, and land on the other side, with the other foot on the bench, back and forth. To the front. Especially with the hands up
  • 2 feet next to the bench, jumping up with 2 feet on the bench. Land on the bench. 2 feet next to the bench again.
  • 2 feet on one side, next to the bench. Drop off, land on the bench with 2 feet, then land on the other side, and back again.
  • 2 feet next to the bench, jump over the bench in one go, land on the other side, and back again.
  • 2 feet next to the bench, face towards the bench, drop onto the bench with 2 feet at the same time, land, and return back.
  • Jumping over the benches in width, bench one, bench two and third jump up.
  • Group left, group right.
    • Left throws the ball towards position 3.
    • Right takes care of the set up
    • left steps back after the throw on for the attack pass
    • left smashes the ball from the right
  • left gets the ball and passes it to the back of the right,
  • right after the set up, closes in behind left.


  • same, with one defender.
  • idem with 2 defenders
  • ditto with 2 defenders, and a blocker (from the middle)
  • idem with fixed setter, 2 defenders
  • same with setter, 2 defenders, a blocker.
  • Trainer plays ball to defenders, 3 players
  • These play to position 3, fixed setter.
  • Set up follows and 3 smash out the rally
  • 3x and then change, next 3.


  • Same, but then 3 players on the other side defend the ball, and play through the rally.


  • Mat between position 5/6 - mat at position 5 - mat at position 5 short on 3 metre line (ensure arc)
  • 3 cones at position 4 on the outside to clearly mark out the direction of travel

  • Player position 3
  • Player position 5
  • Single with ball at the post
  • Two attackers ready to attack
  • Two blockers (if necessary)


  • Pass the ball to Marie - Marie passes perfectly to Lene - Lene makes the pass
  • Attack obligatory diagonal = run diagonally
  • Cones are there for a reason, stay along the left side of the cones: diagonal is the message
  • Possibly first free attack - after that possibly with block.

  • After a while switch sides = attack at position 2.

  • Material:
    Mat between position 1/6 - mat at position 1 - mat at position 1 short on 3 meter line (make sure there is an arc)

Side a: formationSide
b: someone position 6 - position 5 and position 1

: Side a gets every ball against and tries to score from this situation

  • First ball: serve side b
  • Second ball: freeball coming from side b (side b builds up and tries to pass "difficult" freeball)
  • Third ball: attack position 6
  • Third ball: attack position 1

  • Side a is not allowed to place the ball in the 3m line at side b, everything behind the 3.
  • But side b is allowed to attack in the 3m line.
  • Let's see how easy it goes.