Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Player stands with hoop near the net, can move a little but max 1 step.
  • Trainer stands on the backline with a row of players with the ball next to him.
  • Trainer throws the ball randomly into the field and the player puts it in the hoop.
  • Make it more and more difficult.
  • Three defenders in the field
  • One person who catches
  • Rest: serve
  • Strikes follow each other quickly
  • Each person in the field must make 5 perfect receptions to the receiver.
  • Catcher determines if the reception is good
  • When a defender has made 5 perfect receptions, he becomes a catcher and the catcher starts to serve
  • Make two teams.
  • Set up a two benches one person sits on the bench.
  • Other on the other side of the net who are going to serve to the person on the bench when the ball is caught 1 point and then switch persons.

Multi-directional exercise:

  • Trainer starts, plays ball to passers, libero, left back, right back. 2/3 players
  • Good pass to regular SV. 1 player
  • Row of strikers, attack pass and smash 2/3 players
  • Try to defend the rest of the balls, and put them in the ball bin.
  • After 5 minutes turn over, also other SV (player 1, 2 and 3)


  • Other side of the field, players block and libero defends block.
  • Ladder exercise
  • Slalom
  • Sideways movement back and forth between 2 cones (low pass stance)
  • Bench: rv up - lv up - rv down - lv down (can be stepping or jumping)
  • Throw ball against wall (lying on stomach) with elbows off the mat
  • Jumping back and forth over the rope (2 feet together) -> small jumps -> fast
  • Hurdles: lowest position and jump over them with 2 feet
  • Bench: lie on your belly and pull yourself forward with your arms
  • Jumping rope
  • Stomach exercises: with stretched legs and feet over a big pawn each time
  • Swinging jump over a bench
  • Ladder exercise
  • Pass the ball through the basket
  • In each hand a tennis ball - arms sideways (90 degrees with body) and then squeeze the tennis ball
  • Planks
  • Hang up the net at about 1,50 m.
  • Work with 4 players, 2 on each side of the net.
  • Player smashes the ball down, pass to player at the net
  • 2 rows of players
    • 1 row on the left back
    • 1 row on the right back
  • 1 SV
  • create with 3 pawns a virtual line where they should stand
  • Player stands at the other side of the net and throws the ball somewhere in the field.
  • 1 of the 2 front rows calls LOS orI (agree on this) and plays the ball to SV
  • This one calls new SV
  • SV takes ball and puts ball in ball pit
  • SV joins one of the rows

  • Extension 1:
    • Setter plays ball back briefly to player who did not pass, pass back to setter
    • Setter hits ball (calmly) to player who did not pass

Two rows on the 3m line, edge of the field.

  • Pass the ball in a zigzag and follow through.
  • Overhand pass
  • 1 player overhead, 1 player underhand
  • In the lower hands 1x for yourself, pass in the upper hands
  • Mandatory 1x for yourself, controlled pass
  • Trainer throws the ball to the midfielder
  • He passes to SV
  • SV gives setup
  • Striker plays the ball SLIMLY overthe net
    • so just over the net
    • Or in the back of the field in the corners
  • Attacker hates the ball and puts it with trainer (in the box)
  • Everybody turns 1 spot (runs after their own ball)
  • If necessary put hoops (= opponents) where they do not have to play.
  • Give instructions all the time
    • playing-tactically-4
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