Volleyball drills for all skills

  • One person at the net.
  • Four on the back line they play the ball back to the one person at the net each time.
  • The defenders play the ball in private.
  • Person at the net varies with the ball long short the viewer must move.
  • Divide the group into 2 teams.
  • The teams play a form of handball, but you can only score if you catch the ball from your teammate who has bounced it against the net.
  • You are not allowed to run with the ball.
  • You have to throw the ball over, run free and bounce the ball against the net.
  • Trainer stands in the corner of the field at the net.
  • Two teams, one player on each side of the coach.
  • Trainer bounces the ball in the field, two players have to get the ball to the distributor.
  • Pay attention to the turn in pass attitude and I-call.
  • (If all goes well, distributor can give set-up to trainer or player of team).
  • On one side of the net a team in game formation.
  • Get rid of 1 save in 3 times!
  • After that handle 2 rally balls (one arc and one 'beaten')
  • foot by foot but at the 2nd YES get into a pass position as quickly as possible.
  • 10x sit-ups
  • 10x push-ups
  • 10 x left and right 'clock
  • 10x left and right russian sit up

  • 2 playmakers who alternately set uppen
  • 2 passers.
  • The person who does not pass attacks.
  • Communicate well whether the ball should go outside or back.
  • The rest stands behind the field and takes the place of the attacker.
  • extend with blocking
  • players on position 1,2,3,4,5
  • and players on position 1,2,4,5
  • also on each side 1 player in the middle.
  • people on the positions have a ball and 1 of the players calls the number of the position and this one then plays the ball which has to be defended by the person in the field.
  • Four players make a large square.
  • In the middle is E.
  • These players are the link between two triangles.
  • In both triangles the ball goes around.
  • And E plays the ball overhead in those two triangles.
  • With more than one player, change corner players.
  • Variant 1: E can choose to whom he passes the ball back.
  • Variant 2: The corner players play overhand to each other, but underarm to E.
  • Three players stand in a triangle.
  • The one who does NOT get the ball moves to the opposite side next to the other player.
  • Again, the one who does not get the ball moves.
  • Start simple by first playing the ball up in front of yourself and then serving one of the other two players.
  • The one who does not get the ball moves to the other side
  • Later on, make it more difficult by taking away the play-up part
  • Finally, you pass in front of yourself and hit the ball in a controlled way.
  • Super exercise for getting very tired very quickly.