Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Control the ball 6 points in a row.
  • Formation with 6 players.
  • Trainer throws in the ball and the players have to finish 6 balls in a row.
  • Rotation - after each good ball you turn, otherwise you stay standing and the score is 0 again.
  • Extension: instead of throwing - save the rest of the team hard.

  • 2 rows behind the back line.
  • First 2 stand in the field.
  • Trainer brings in ball.
  • Pass left player towards position 2/3 then setup of right player.
  • The passer goes to attack on own side of the court.
  • The setupper does attack coverage.
  • The two teams rotate to form a new pair.
  • Extension: There are now 2 attackers at the net.
  • The rest do exactly the same as before.
  • Attackers come back from the net after the coach has brought in the ball.
  • The setup always goes to the opposite corner from the set-upper.
  • Pass from the right back, then left back setup on the right front.
  • Set-upper covers and takes the place of the attacker.
  • The passer remains standing and so does the non-offending player.
  • switching-from-defence-to-attack-2
  • C attacks diagonally on 3 and 4- 1 and 2 after the block attack
  • 3 and 4 defend, playmaker comes in
  • set-up to 1,2 or 3, attack to 3 defenders.
  • These defend for themselves and put the ball in the box.
  • C throws a ball to A or B
  • Set up a block on that side
  • Pass the ball over the block to the defence
  • Build up an attack on the middle
  • Change after 10 balls
  • Variation: attacking outside or behind


  • two people one goes on the hands in plank position.
  • The other one lifts the legs up.
  • The person who lifts up the legs lets go of one leg at a time.
  • If fat does happen then a point for the person who holds the legs.
  • Everyone on one side and then overhead service.
  • do it once.
  • Then one by one give attention.
  • Foot forward, other foot diagonal and keep it on the ground.
  • divide the group 4/3/3
  • The quartet starts with practicing serving.
  • After serving a few times, trainer indicates where the service should go.
  • The 6 team on the other side must play a service pass and finish a rally.
  • then change.
  • Trainer throws ball to SV at 3, who plays ball to teammate in backfield, who plays easy ball.
  • Important is the reaction of the opponent.
  • From defensive position at the net, a few steps backwards to defend, and to be ready for a smash.
  • Trainer throws ball to the backfield 5/6/1 .
  • They play to SV (3) and finish the rally.
  • Reaction of opponent is important.
  • 3 connects with 2 and 4, for a block.
  • Libero 6 covers all balls behind the block.
  • 1 and 5 defend the whole backfield.
  • Variation between easyball and attack
  • Two players.
  • One in front line, one in back line.
  • If position 2 and 4 swap with 3.
  • Every 2nd ball is for the 2 players
  • 4-6