Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 3 against 3 or 2 tegn 2 (depending on number of players) on half court.
  • The ball must be kept in play on control.
  • Two players in the back of the court, the one who does not pass comes in for set up.
  • In case of 3 against 3, 1 player stands at the net and turns if the ball doesn't go over the net.
  • When they have passed the ball over the net 10 times in a row, they may go to the next level.
  • When the ball falls on the ground they start counting again.
  • Points of attention: on control, technical ball control
  • 1) attack out of position
  • 2) with jump - hit calmly and aimed - (withheld)
  • 3) with jump full force - hit aimed
  • 4) hit free from the trap.

  • Balls often don't land neatly on the aerial as the attackers would like, they stay hanging/ out of the net/ or outside the aerial.
  • Execution:
  • The players receive a ball and learn to correct it.
  • 1st pass is always used the same.
  • 2nd and3rd passes will be used to correct.
  • Balls will be thrown in underhand in the following positions.
  • Position 1 Out of the net: -> player must stay behind the ball.
  • Position 2 Hangs on: -> player must accelerate to the inside
  • Position 3: outside the aerial: -> player must step outside
  • Get behind the ball
  • - So that you can hit the ball diagonally in front of you.
  • Players can throw the ball in themselves or at one side through the trainer.
  • step 1) catch the ball from the run-up
  • Point of attention: get behind the ball well, do not hover, keep making the attacking pass.
  • step 2) attack
  • Continued from Correction in attack pass - at lesser set up
  • Player falls on lesser set up- stays hanging/out of net/out of aerial.
  • set-up is given either on position 2 or 4
  • The defense adjusts its view to the angle of the attack.
  • phase 1: without blocking - defend the ball from being hit freely
  • phase 2: with blocking attention on the defense position - one of the attackers goes on the ball
  • one of the attackers is going to block on the middle position.
  • Player A throws the ball OH over the net to player B, towards the hoop.
  • Player B plays the ball OH to player 3, who stands on the cupboard to catch the ball.
  • When the balls arrive correctly, 2 teams play against each other - for the fastest 7 good combinations.
  • Exercise in competition form, 2 teams of 3 players against each other.
  • 3 contacts before the ball is played over the net.
  • First contact is OH reception, second contact may be played with replacement technique (unlike normal first contact).
  • Replacement technique goes to SV.
  • SV makes high pass, which is tested over.
  • field is divided in 2 parts
  • on side 1 are 1 playmaker, the libero and the middle attackers
  • on side 2 are the other players
  • there are on each side 1 attacker and 1 blocker and a server.
  • depending on the number of players there is 1 passer or 2 passers.
  • the purpose of this exercise is to get in agreement with the distributor which ball you want to play.
  • With the middle players we will practice on the 'rise' balls and other variations such as the 'neck'.
  • One person at the net.
  • Four on the back line they play the ball back to the one person at the net each time.
  • The defenders play the ball in private.
  • Person at the net varies with the ball long short the viewer must move.
  • Divide the group into 2 teams.
  • The teams play a form of handball, but you can only score if you catch the ball from your teammate who has bounced it against the net.
  • You are not allowed to run with the ball.
  • You have to throw the ball over, run free and bounce the ball against the net.
  • Trainer stands in the corner of the field at the net.
  • Two teams, one player on each side of the coach.
  • Trainer bounces the ball in the field, two players have to get the ball to the distributor.
  • Pay attention to the turn in pass attitude and I-call.
  • (If all goes well, distributor can give set-up to trainer or player of team).
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