Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 2 teams.
  • Stand next to each other on all fours (rounded back).
  • One player crawls under the others with the ball in front of him, at the end he rolls the ball back and stands on his own back.
  • Then the next player etc. From sideline to sideline
  • 2 opposite each other on the back line of both fields, 1 ball on the middle line.
  • On signal of the trainer, sprint to the net, who has the ball first.
  • This exercise can also be done with a dive first and then sprinting to the ball.
  • The ball is played overhand along the net, after playing go around the pylon and join at the other side
  • The ball is passed in the middle, after playing it, the player blocks it 2x, after that around the pylon play again
  • On one side you attack with three attackers, on the other side you defend.
  • Trainer throws balls for the playmaker
  • This exercise is designed to improve the touch of the young players in a playful and competitive way.
  • Make teams of 2 and they will stand on opposite sides of the net.
  • The first person starts to key the other when the ball arrives at the other, they should scoop the ball out of the air twice and key it back.
  • We do this in competition form to 10 points, the person who first has 10 points has won.
  • after three laps of walk-in:
  • 10 pylons in a row,
  • 2 groups left and right.
  • Small steps forward to the first pilar, backwards, then to the second pilar, backwards to 1, forwards to 3, backwards to 2, etc.
  • Same but then sideways. First to the left, then to the right.
  • circle the pilar
  • Left knee lift over the pilar, right knee lift over the pilar
  • Hopping with 2 feet over the pilon.
  • concentrated serving, also 2nd, 3rd etc. service.
  • Good line-up, steer each other, when the service is difficult look for a solution together, when the service is difficult play the ball high so that others can do something with it more easily.
  • Clearly call out "loosen up" or "I do".
  • Play aggressively, also in the rally, in case of a difficult ball, play the ball high so that others can do something with it more easily.
  • 2nd or 3rd ball aggressively over the net, far into the backfield.
  • Move to the back of the court, in case of easy ball, 2 and 4, to help process easy ball, and/or are ready for a pass.
  • When the other team is attacking well, the midfielders join in to block (if the player is small, move to the back), position 6 defends the block.
  • Concentration, courage, work on/return every ball (let the opponent make the mistake). Aggressive means playing full, do not hold back,

5 hoops distributed over the field:

  1. 1 in the corner at position 1
  2. 1 in the corner on position 5
  3. 1 in the corner on position 2
  4. 1 in the corner at position 4
  5. 1 on the 3 meter line - in the middle of the field

A on pass:

  • Self-touching - A plays back - attacks/allies on returned ball


A on pass:

  • Passing to right post - someone on position 5: himself passes to A - A passes and attacks

At the centre: someone stays on to pass the ball to the centre