Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Players all line up on the center line.
  • Head, shoulder, knee and toe.
  • Suddenly name a color and this side they must sprint. Last one gets a penalty.
  • A row at the net balbuj the 3 meter line from your neck with a jump over the net and then quickly after it he may only bounce once.
  • Each player has a ball.
  • The pair plays one ball overhead and simultaneously throws the other ball tightly back and forth.
  • The trio plays one ball overhead clockwise from player to player and throws the other two balls tightly counterclockwise from player to player.



The team plays against the small team (in the diagram a pair) and must successfully complete a number of tasks in succession.

  • The large team must score from a service of the pair.
  • The coach serves a simple ball to the pair. The pair then builds up an attack. The large team must win this rally.
  • The coach serves a simple ball to the pair. The pair plays this ball over the net in one go. The larger team must win this rally.

If the large team loses a rally, it starts again from the first assignment. When all tasks have been successfully completed, the team rotates one place.

You can also do this exercise with two equal teams.


  • Server hits the ball and serves.
  • From the side and back three defenders quickly enter the field, one passes to the SV at the 2 position.
  • He gives a three-metre pass to one of the defenders who did not pass.
  • Passers swap with the reserves.
  • After x times swap roles.
  • Option:L the server defends the three-meter ball.
  • Two people are going to push a mat together from one side to the other and back again.
  • Do not lift up.

Two teams each a ball.

  • One person throws the ball overhead and the other person defends the ball.
  • As soon as the one throws the ball the other throws the ball up for herself and defends the ball that is thrown and catches her own ball.
  • Who can hit can hit.
  • The coach serves to the 3 passers in the backfield.
  • They pass the ball to the receiver (A).
  • The passer becomes receiver, receiver puts the ball back in the box and joins the waiting line (B).
  • The accent in these exercises is on standing still during the pass.
  • To be able to focus on this the trainer does not serve very difficult.
  • If it goes well you can start serving more difficult.

Goal : directed serve - passingRecurrence
: 2x 5 serve : 5 straight - 5 slideExecution
4 servers in each corner - 4 passers in each corner2
targets ( setters)

- series 1 : serve diagonally-
series 2 : serve straight

When one side serves straight, the other side serves diagonally.

Rotation: servers become passers, passers-servers, passers also change their position.