Volleyball drills for all skills

  • per 3, 1 ball
  • 2 cones per trio on the width of the volleyball field.
  • player a runs in throws the ball high, player b runs in catches underhand and throws the ball high again, player c runs in and catches the ball underhand
  • adjust to bra, reception or combinations of

Ball War

  • Divide the group in 2
  • Give everyone a ball
  • At the signal of the trainer you roll your ball to the other side
  • Then you have to roll the balls back to your side
  • At the end of the game you have to make sure that there are as few balls on your side as possible

The emphasis here is on sitting low, which is useful for pass triangulation

  • The trainer hits the ball as a signal for the front 2 players to come into the field.
  • The trainer throws the ball over the net
  • 1 of the 2 passes the ball and the other catches it.

  • Possible extension by throwing harder and harder or playing in 3x over the net.
  • player 1 stands pos. 3 SV
  • players stand in line, throw ball to SV
  • this player plays the BH to the throwing player,
  • this player plays the BH far over the net,
  • ball is caught by the player,
  • everybody except SV keeps on running after the ball.
  • variation:
    • Player 3 stands on different spots on the field.
    • On a mat. pos. 4/5 and 6

  • One player stands in the middle of the field,
  • three/four players stand around it.
  • These players must get the ball to the one player, making it as difficult as possible.
  • Important technique is underhand/overhand and I-call.
  • Coach is on top,
  • 4 ladies on defense.
  • Coach hits ball over net.
  • The ladies only defend, the rest collect balls.
  • Have team line up individually with ball facing wall in center of room.
  • Practice for a few minutes with overhand serving.
  • Pay attention to a tight hand, stepping out, straight back and throwing up the ball.
  • One player at the net, the other on the 7-metre line.
  • The one at the net throws a short ball on the 3-meter line, then on the 7-meter line and so on.
  • First catch and throw the ball, if this goes well, you can continue to play.
  • Important that they stand still during the pass and do not wave their arms.
  • Three players at the net with ball.
  • Take turns to throw a ball to the passer,
  • who moves up one person at a time.