Volleyball drills for all skills

  • player 1 stands pos. 3 SV
  • players stand in line, throw ball to SV
  • this player plays the BH to the throwing player,
  • this player plays the BH far over the net,
  • ball is caught by the player,
  • everybody except SV keeps on running after the ball.
  • variation:
    • Player 3 stands on different spots on the field.
    • On a mat. pos. 4/5 and 6

  • One player stands in the middle of the field,
  • three/four players stand around it.
  • These players must get the ball to the one player, making it as difficult as possible.
  • Important technique is underhand/overhand and I-call.
  • Coach is on top,
  • 4 ladies on defense.
  • Coach hits ball over net.
  • The ladies only defend, the rest collect balls.
  • Have team line up individually with ball facing wall in center of room.
  • Practice for a few minutes with overhand serving.
  • Pay attention to a tight hand, stepping out, straight back and throwing up the ball.
  • One player at the net, the other on the 7-metre line.
  • The one at the net throws a short ball on the 3-meter line, then on the 7-meter line and so on.
  • First catch and throw the ball, if this goes well, you can continue to play.
  • Important that they stand still during the pass and do not wave their arms.
  • Three players at the net with ball.
  • Take turns to throw a ball to the passer,
  • who moves up one person at a time.

Some variations on the well known butterfly...:

  • Service-pass-catch on SU-position, running after the ball.
  • As everyone is chasing his/her ball, each player has a different task, but if desired, a player can have a fixed position.
  • Variation 1:
    • The SU plays a set-up to position 4, where an attacker stands to play a (placed) attack on the receiver.
    • The rotation then becomes: Service -passer -upper - attacker - off-side - service etc.
  • Variation 2:
    • the fixed SU plays a ball to a receiver 'somewhere' in the field, who makes himself known by calling 'here'.
    • The SU learns to react on sound, the receiver learns to communicate his position.
  • Variation 3:
    • The fixed SU plays the pass backwards to position 2, where the receiver, after an attacking movement, catches the ball and starts serving.
    • In the diagram is variation 1



1. Players play ball over net to position 1, pass back.
2. Passer runs around 1st pawn for a second pass (turn in/arms tilt)
3. Passer runs around 2nd pawn and defends ball from trainer (smash or place ball) and retrieves ball and connects with players (A).

:- pass to (A) over the net-
at position 2/3 pass to 2, catch ball and put it in ballcarrier-
passer 2x + defend and fetch ball-
pass to (A)



Blockboard at position 4 - street (two squares next to the antenna) - cone on 3 meter line

  • Lene at position 3
  • Receptionist at position 5 and attacker at position 4
  • Attacker joins reception

Trainer passes ball to reception player

  • Reception to setter
  • Walk around cone
  • Solve ball to play over net

Bad reception = compulsory play in block board

  • Position 5 takes cover
  • Play ball back to setter
  • Pass and attack
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