Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Two teams.
  • Throw the ball in front of yourself with a bounce and then come under the ball and pass overhead to the other.
  • We make groups of 4.
  • We practice the line-up first with a serve ball from the trainer and then a normal/attack ball from the trainer.
  • It is important that there is a change of position, the volleyball technique itself (pass, reception, ... are important but in this exercise it is not important).
  • When the group has had both it is the next group's turn.
  • The group that just had the ball goes back into the box and stands at the window,
  • 5 times with nose against the window and then walk to the other side, by then the next group is about ready.

  • 4 in attack with playmaker.
  • Other side, 1 on reserve out of the field (right at position 1,2) and 3 in the pass and a dropout.
  • The rest with ball on position 2 at the side of the attackers.
  • These throw the ball to attacker who then pass the ball to SV and get a setup back.
  • Attacking 3 defenders who pass to the offender.
  • Reserve enters the field and the passers rotate.
  • Last passer becomes receiver and receiver goes to line with ball.
  • The field is divided lengthwise, by an aerial on the half net.
  • Players are divided on 4 places,
  • Player serves over the net and is caught by the player on the other side. This player closes the row with the ball, next to the catcher. Etc.
    • Player doesn't catch the ball anymore, but passes straight up to herself.
  • Group is divided:
    • servers,
    • 1 SV,
    • group of passers.
  • The group of passers are 4.
  • The one who passes the ball to the distributor, can go to the other side.
  • The server goes to the group of 4,
  • the server continues as SV.
  • Group is divided in 2 halves.
  • 4 players make sure that every service is processed to the SV.
  • SV plays the 4 players outside the 3 meter area. The four players must attack, aggressively, but outside the 3 meter area.
    • 2 groups play point forward. Both sides must play outside the 3 meter area. Also short balls are not allowed. No point in the 3 meter area.
  • 2 rows of players on one half.
  • They throw the ball to the trainer, who throws or plays overhand to the net.
  • Players walk to the net with an attacking pass and smash the ball.
  • Variation:
    • On the other side stands a player who tries to pass the ball.
  • 1 player on the sideline
  • 2 players on the other sideline
  • player 1 bra the 2 players underhand
  • alternate thus.
  • after a while turn
  • Everybody have a ball
  • then stand by the net and
  • then you throw underhand against the net.
  • Watch the ball carefully and catch it underhand.