Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Player 1 throws the ball to player 3, who defends it underhand to person 2.
  • Person 2 throws the ball to 3, who defends it to person 1 (so defend it diagonally every time).
  • First throw everything (player 1 and 2, after that everything BH, after that technical hit).

  • The players all stand side by side at the net
    • with their faces turned to the net
    • and in the proper position to want to block,
    • so elbows and hands at the right height.
  • The coach throws a ball from the other side of the net to the players and they each take their turn to block their thrown ball.
  • On each side a row of attackers.
  • All have a ball, except the one at the net.
  • At the same time throw the ball to the other side and pass the ball from the other side.
  • After a while throw the ball from the middle to the right side and pass it again.
  • After passing catch the ball.

Three in a row on the back line.
Trainer throws ball. Players walk into the field.

  1. Passes
  2. gives set-up
  3. attack

Now the trainer calls a number, 1, 2, or 3 and he has to play first.
The player behind takes the second ball and so on.

  • Everyone ball and distribute along two sides of the net.
  • Gather at the right post

  • Block displacement with one small step: during the block balls tap each other
    • After the first move, switch sides
  • Block move with one big step: during the block balls tap each other
  • Move the block with two small steps in a row: during the block, balls tap each other.
  • Block displacement with two big steps: during the block balls tap each other
  • Block displacement with first small step and then big step: during the block balls tap each other
  • Block displacement with an exit: during the block balls tap each other


  • Blockers 1 and 2 start on positions 2 and 4. Blocker 3 at position 3
  • Blockers 1, 2 and 3 block when trainer says 'YES'.
  • Blocker at position 3 move to the right (position 2) 
  • And together with blocker at position 2 make a perfect closed block.
  • Other blocker moves to the middle. 
  • Blocker at position 4, 3 and 2 block when trainer says 'YES'. 
  • Blocker at position 3 moves to the left (position 4) 
  • And together with blocker at position 4 create a perfect closed block. 
Libero on position 6
Setter on position 3

2 Waiters on position 1 - if waiter misses, the waiter is called back.
1 receptionist on position 5
1 libero on position 6 
1 setter on position 3 
1 attacker on position 2 
1 blocker on position 4 

  • 1 serves to 2 and libero to 6
  • 2 makes reception to setter and gives back pass to 3
  • 3 attacks straight ahead or tips short - server defends attack/tip from 3
  • After the serve server (1) starts defending on position 5 - libero stays in place 
  • Rotation: server -> receiver -> attacker -> block -> reserve server 
  • 3 players on 1 side of the net on 3m line
  • the other 3 in a row also on the 3m line on the other side of the net.
  • Player 1 leaves and goes to block on position 2,
  • on the other side she receives a ball from a player on the 3m line, which she will block.
  • Then the player moves with cross pass to the middle, there she will also block a ball thrown to her.
  • Finally, she receives a ball at position 4 and blocks it there as well.
  • While one player is already blocking in the middle, the next one can already start at position 2
  • After a number of times, you can switch
  • Coach throws in balls to players starting from the 3m line.
  • Coach throws balls deep in the court and players will have to learn to defend overhead.
  • It is a matter of moving quickly
    • (Keeping hands ready so the ball can be BH'd if necessary).
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