Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Side a:
  • Lene on position 3
  • 1 person on position 5
  • 2 persons on position 4 to play ball in
  • Side b:
  • 2 persons behind the back line at position 5 to pass to


Side a:

  1. Lene
  2. Axelle
  3. Nobody
  4. Inne
  5. Lise
  6. Sun

Side b: Marie on position 6 - Diede on position 5

Side a
:The first set ball, Marie's serve, is played quietly to Marie and Diede. Diede and Marie play over and then it's about the point.
Side a is obliged to play diagonally (position 4) or in the street (position 2).

  • Ball 1: serve Marie
  • Ball 2: Free ball to Marie, Marie plays free over
  • Ball 3: attack Marie

gets 3 balls, at least 2 of them MUST be scored. If no 2 balls scored, 5 sit-ups


Side a: 3 persons - position 1 - 6 - 5
Side b: 3 persons - position 1 - 6 - 5

  • Person on position 1 succeeds on
  • Reception, pass, attack: REQUIRED DIAGONAL
  • Play out until someone makes point

Then, Diede plays a freeball from each side.

Turn over position after 3 hits on each side


  • Rallies
  • Go for every ball
  • At 'easy' ball that falls, everyone pumps 10x

2 groups of 2 persons - 1 group of 3
Group of 2: 1 ballGroup
of 3: 2 balls

Group of 2:

  • Player a stands at 3m
  • Player b does reception at 3m
  • Player a is going to catch reception

Group of 3:

  • Player a stands on 3m
  • Player b does reception at 3m other side
  • Player c catches ball

  1. Throw 20x
  2. 20x throw - throw further so player has to turn around
  3. 15x top spin
  4. 15x float stroke
  • Players A and B stand in the backfield about 3-4 m apart.
  • T hits a ball to A or B
  • Player who receives the ball passes to the net at the height of the other player
  • The other player comes in and gives a set up on the 3 m line
  • Passer attacks towards the defenders
  • Defender passes the ball to pos 2/3
  • other defender comes running in and catches the defended ball and puts it in the basket at T
  • Reserve defender takes the place of the defender who caught the ball
  • Variant`;
  • defenders perform the same task as team A: set up 3 m line - attack, play out rally

per 3 2 players stand in the square and 1 at the net player at the net plays ball to 1 of the players and the player who does not play the ball must tap the hand of the other player as soon as possible.

  • x-number of players standing on a bench
  • x-number of players in front at 2 to 3 meters
  • player in front of the bench throws the ball so that the player on the bench can catch BH
  • player on the bench catches BH > drops to his knees and rolls the ball towards the player on the ground

The field is divided in 4 equal fields

  • per field 2 players
  • ball is thrown OH over the net
  • the other players do a correct OH ball recovery by playing it to the basket, the player who is not on the ball runs to the basket and takes the bra.
  • the easy version ends here

You can make this exercise more difficult by playing in one time.

  • Dribbling on the spot
  • Sqauts
  • Sit ups
  • Push UPS
  • Hand clap
  • Shoulder pat
  • Boxing