Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Ball at the net, player on the back line.
  • Short ball, 3 metres.
  • Shuffle back.
  • Long ball 7 meters.
  • 6 short balls.
  • 5 long balls.
  • Last short ball is pancake.
  • 5-1 system on both sides.
  • Team 1 serves, plays out rally.
  • Loser gets a rally ball.
  • Other team gets a rally ball.
  • Minimum of 2/3 points scored is turn over.
  • Service changes every time.
  • Important:
    • First walk (arms loose and not extended), then stretch and pass.
    • Stand still when passing but continue the exercise.
  • Throwing (2 players at the same time)
    • Move from the left- and right-back to the middle 3-meter and pass; 8 balls 7.
    • From left and right back to front 3-meter move and pass; same side 7 balls.
    • From left and right halfway side-shuffle. Pass in the middle; same side 7 balls.
    • Block at the net and then pass on 3-meter line; same side 5 balls.
    • From midfield to left- and right-back bring shuffle pass; loop 5 balls.
  • Hit (4 at the same time):
    • From left side (3-meter) 1st ball from center attack directly on player; shuffle towards mid-back with immediately a slide attack from outside position.
    • From position 5 direct middle attack on player; shuffle to position 6 ball thrown in.
    • From position 5 direct mid-attack on player; shuffle to position 4 ball thrown in.
    • From the right side (3-meter) 1st ball from mid-attack directly on player; shuffle towards mid-back with immediately a slide attack from the outside position.
  • Extended (3 at a time):
    • From right long ball from outside attack; short shuffle for diagonal attack. (left player right player alternate)
    • 3 passers with random balls. (attack, throw, long balls, short balls)

  • Basic setup.
  • After processing the service, a rally is played.
  • At the net are 3 players with 1 ball.
  • On the place of attack a ball is immediately thrown back and has to be drained.
  • Play all balls and then rotate through.
  • Players form threesomes.
  • Per trio two players at the net with a ball.
  • Player A hits the ball (overhand) for a pass before the backline.
  • Immediately after that B throws the ball on the three meter line.
  • Player C makes a pancake and plays the ball back.
  • After 10 times the players turn one spot (A becomes C, B becomes A, C becomes B).

  • This exercise trains the split step.
  • Players line up behind the back line.
  • Trainer or player stands at the net.
  • One by one the players walk in from the back line.
  • When the trainer hits the ball, the player makes a split step.
  • Then he gets the ball on a random spot next to or in front of him.
  • Player passes back and retrieves ball if necessary.
  • After that the player closes in at the back.
  • Organisation:
    • 3 players on p2, p3 and p4.
    • 2 players on p5/p6 and p6/p1.
    • Other players with ball on p6.
  • Execution:
    • BH to p4 and follow ball, from p4 BH to p5/p6, follow ball backwards.
    • From p5/p6 OH to p3 and follow through, etc.
    • At p2 catch and connect to p6.
  • Organization:
    • 2 groups, 1 on each half.
    • Service from p1/p6 on 2 passers on P5 and P6.
    • Catcher on P2.
  • Execution:
    • Service on the 2 passers, call "loose".
    • Server passes to other court.
    • Pass to p2/3 and catch.
    • Catcher goes to serve.
    • Passer runs ball behind.
  • Organization:
    • Making triplets
  • Implementation.
    • Three players enter the field.
    • Coach throws/strikes ball into backfield.
    • Three players must pass ball back to trainer.
  • Objective:
    • 1 player calls "loose" and goes for the ball, plays it only upwards.
    • 2nd player makes sure the ball goes to the 3m-line, where the 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer.
  • Option:
    • 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer, 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer, 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer, 3rd player plays the ball to the trainer.