Volleyball drills for all skills


  • Divide group into 2 fields.
  • Make 3 pairs
  • Trainer with ball on p1
  • 1st duo on P5 and P6 (passing)
  • 1 duo on p2 and p4


  • Trainer serves to p5 or p6, pass to p1
  • On p1 setup to p4, catch it and bring it to the trainer on his own field.
  • After the pass the 1st duo takes the places at p2 and p4 (change every time)

Tip: in case of an uneven number of pairs, new pairs are formed each time.


  • 2 players on p5 and p6
  • Catcher on p2/3
  • 2 server on p1

Execution 1

  • Service on p5 or p6
  • Pass to p2/3 and catch. Roll the ball to P1.
  • After 5x good passes, the passer changes to catcher and a server comes to pass.
  • The receiver starts serving.

Execution 2

  • No more catching, but setup to 4 and catching there.
You are only allowed to run on the lines of, for example, a volleyball field. The person who's 'it' must try to tag 1 of the runners.


  • Only turn right/left.
  • Knees high.
  • Hopping.
  • Backwards (don't fall!) etc.

Outside you can set up a closed course with hats or cones.

Blue servesRed passes
to 2/3 (catcher)


  • Blue
    • After the serve
    • Waiting room red
  • Red
    • After the pass
    • Catcher
  • Catcher
    • Serve
See drawing

4 players on 1 side for intensive 2 times to do , on the other side 4 players for strength for 2 minutes then swap
  • 2 min intensive (ladders + attack - block - block + hoop + attack + sideways movement cones + bench )
  • 2 min power with heavier balls ( 4 exercises x 30 sec. )

  • Throwing/playing the ball and then chasing it
  • Divide the group into pairs
    • Of which one pair at the other side (serve)
  • 1st team is ready for the pass.
    • After the serve the first server goes to the other side,
    • After the serve, the 2nd server joins the 1st server across the court.
  • Defenders: build up an attack, ball must be in threes
  • The pair that defended/attacked
    • Serving

  • Pairs
  • Against the wall:
    • Play at the top and close at the back
    • Bottom hand ( First ball always top hand )
    • Bounce ball
    • Bounce and underhand
  • Ball in storage
  • Pass to duo
  • Defense - pass - attack
    • Side of the serve, shifts one pos after every ball !
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