Volleyball drills for all skills

  • X short ball on 3 metres, 1 defends
  • then C attack long on 1 to pos. 5, 
  • then X attack long on 1 to pos. 1
  • and C short ball on 3 meter 
  • 1 defends all balls back to attacker
  • 2 is next


  • Two teams one ball.
  • Opposite each other then the ball against the ground
  • To smash to the other play.
  • Later on, place a pawn in the middle so they can hit it.

Per player 1 ball:

  • throw up the ball for yourself and stop it through reception (bend your knees well)
  • same exercise but now play OH first
  • same exercise but play BH
  • combination, play OH, control BH and catch in reception
  • game 4 against 6, with emphasis moving to the backfield.
  • Trainer starts the game, player play a rally, after the point, trainer throws the ball into the backfield.
  • Immediately continue the rally

points of interest:

  • shout loose
  • move.
  • Back field.
  • Make a circle.
  • Everyone with the ball.
  • 1 person in the middle without the ball.
  • Take turns hitting or poking the ball.
  • The person in the middle must defend the ball back.
  • Quickly after each other.
  • 3 laps and then the next.
  • players stand in a triangle 2 at the net 1 someone in the square player gives ball to other player passes and the other catches the ball and turns around
  • row of attackers and blockers on the 3 -metre line
  • C plays rally ball on attacker 1
  • blocker 4 goes to the net
  • 1 pass to S and calls where he wants the set-up
  • (left, centre or right)
  • blocker follows the attacker and blocks
  • Attacker gets the ball, connect behind your own line.
  • If the attackers score 10 times, the attackers and blockers change places.
  • and blockers


  • 2 teams.
  • Coach starts rally with throw, this can be done later with smash.
  • Team just plays out rally. Points of attention:
  • call out

- move without the ball