Volleyball drills for all skills

  • One side
    • Thrower at mid-back
    • Blocker/setter at right forward
    • (extension: player at left back / player at right back)
  • Other side
    • Passer left, halfway 3m - back line
    • Setter
    • Attacker

  • Throw to passer
  • Pass, set pointer over the block
  • Midfielder enters, and defends to setupper

  • Expansion
    • Jump ball diagonally (extra player at left back)
    • Prick-ball/shot straight through deep back (extra player at right back)
    • Attack through the middle
    • Attack over left
  • In each field
    • passer
    • catcher
    • thrower on the 3m line
    • (total 6 players, extra players reserve 1 extra per position)
  • Passing, catching and throwing underhands
  • Chasing the ball

  • Extend with:
    • Pass the ball at the top of the line
    • Pass
    • Catcher gives short ball back on 3m line, passer runs in
    • Passer moves back, catcher touches the ball gently.
  • Team positioning
  • PLAYER serves ball. (STORAGE)
  • Team defends, gives a set up and attack.
  • Then trainer throws ball into field again. (FREE BALL = other passer)
  • Players must be able to change quickly in the field and know where they must stand.
  • Person A starts at the net.
  • B starts at the back line.
  • A makes a block jump and at the moment A lands, B throws the ball to A.
  • A passes the ball back to B. 10x pp.
  • Possible extension by hitting the ball.
  • Play in pairs.
  • Player at the net plays overhand,
  • The other passes underhand.
  • Before the back-player passes, she taps the ground with both hands.
  • Goal: sit low
  • Rotation exercise pass / attack
  • Same line-up on each side of the field.
  • Person 1 (position 2) has the ball and throws it to person 2 (position 5),
  • This person passes to the regular playmaker.
  • He plays the ball to position 4.
  • At position 5 a player is ready to handle the ball (real smash attempt).
  • All persons follow the ball, except the playmaker. (change after a while)
  • This happens on both sides.
  • 3 against 3 without 3 meter area.
  • Must try to pass 3 times, and finish with smash.
  • Trainer starts rally with a hard smash, then the 3s play out the rally.
  • Until 5 points.
  • Then the teams switch.
  • Two teams.
  • Bounce the ball after bouncing it overhand.
  • Exercise to learn the overhand techniques.
  • A serves to B.
  • B passes the ball to the playmaker, who then plays a high ball into the backfield.
  • B defends this ball back to the playmaker, who then catches the ball.

  • A takes B's place and becomes B's reserve. The playmaker remains standing.
  • The offside attackers use the left half of the field with one playmaker.
  • The middle attackers and diagonal attackers use the right half with another playmaker.


  • B can attack instead of catching.
  • B instead of long ball passing, short ball surfacing.