Volleyball drills for all skills


  • 2 against 2 with fixed passeur on smaller field (not half)
  • Winner of the rally goes under the net and stays there until lost.
  • Passeur goes under the net every time it is passed.

Back line - 2 lines:

  • Walk to back line 4x
  • Heels against seat until middle line - calmly walk to back line 2x
  • "At a fast pace to mid-line - slowly walk out to back-line 2x
  • Lift knees to middle line - walk slowly to back line 2x
  • "Quickly work your way to mid-line - slowly work your way to the back line 2x
  • Lateral left to mid-line - 1x
  • Sideways right to middle line - 1x

Hind line - 2 lines

  • 3 meter line - back line - middle - back line 1x
  • 3 meter line - back line - middle - back line - 3 meter - back line - back line


  • Each his given exercise

Per 3 - 1 ball: Sparring 15 min.

  • Discard
  • Strikes
  • Test
  • Sparring with the intention to stay busy


  • players opposite each other with net in between
  • player with ball plays ball far or short and then taps the ground if the ball is far, the reception player calls "far" and plays the ball high towards the net.
  • "far" and plays the ball high towards the net
  • and vice versa at short.
  • 2 players next to each other over net 2 with the ball, the ball hits the players on the other side, who call for reception and have to execute a command.
  • The ball is caught by the player who did not take the reception.
  • 1 player with ball 1 without player with ball stands straight over the player without ball.
    • standing between 2 cones in different colours.
  • The player with the ball calls out the colour where the player has to move to and throws the ball to the player.
  • This player brings the ball back and goes back to the center.
  • Trainer is at position 3 with 2 helpers,
  • First ball smash at position 5,
  • then short ball on 3 meters and then deep ball at the right back.


  • players stand in groups of 3
  • 1 player sits on a skirting board (2 parts of it) with feet on the ground (in proper position like reception) on the 3m line and plays the ball in reception position to the passer.
  • Another player stands on the passer position and will catch the ball which the player on the skirting board will play to him in reception.
  • A 3rd player (standing on a rise) throws or hits the ball to the player on the skirting board.
  • This ball must come from high so that there is a build up to a solid reception.
  • The passer throws every time the caught ball to the one who throws in.
  • After x number of times you change positions.

2 teams, one of which plays with 6.

  • If team sees opposing team use pass/key to play over the net,
  • the entire team must move backwards, away from the center.

If opposing team plays an attack through midfield, they must be in the regular lineup.

Make 3 threes:

  • 2 trios form base 6
  • Coach plays ball high over the net, back players handle this ball.
  • Point of attention: the two outside players (position 2 and 4) must move backwards when they see the high ball, in order to defend, and then be ready for the attack again.
  • Play out the rally in a concentrated manner.
  • Teams of 3 alternate.


3 triplets

  • 2 trios form base 6
  • 3rd trio on the other half of the pitch

intention is that the 6-team knows that an attack is played over 2 or 4.
6 team must anticipate

  • the midfielder must connect with the right/left forwards to make a block.
  • the remaining front player must move to the front of the net, the libeo (position 6) defends the block, Position 1 and 5 take position in the backfield.

After some attacking, 3 of them change position and 3 of them swap.


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