Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 1 gives setup to 2,
  • 2 defends the ball and makes a technical move to 3
  • 3 defends on the ball she receives from person 2.
  • Person 3 then makes a technical move to person 2.
  • Person 2 defends and makes technical hit to 1. 1 defends and then makes technical hit to 2 again
    • The exercise starts again

  • players stand divided on one side of the field, ball in their hands.
  • Through the knees.
  • All players dribble on the spot,
    • When the trainer points to the left, the players follow with a turn,
    • When the coach walks backwards, the players follow backwards, etc.
  • Constant dribbling.
  • expand,
    • With jump,
    • attacking jump etc.
  • Two teams, pass to each other.
  • If it goes well, alternate pass/smash.
  • After some time, go over with 4 in a square.
    • Left back starts, throws to left front, this passes to right back (so diagonally),
    • Right back catches and throws to right front,
    • this one passes to the left back (i.e. diagonally),
    • this one catches etc. etc.
  • If that goes well, try with smash instead of throw.
  • Trainer works with 3 team. Other players take care of catching, balls in ball bin.
    • Trainer throws on, 3 team must make a good pass to 3 (mid front) Trainer changes this position. Playing to midfield/right front/left front.
    • After a few good passes, switch with other players.
    • Throwing the ball:
      • smash
      • service
  • Party form 6 against the rest.
    • variation with playmaker on 1 instead of 3
    • all attacks must end with a smash
    • obligatory to play 3 times, otherwise point to side.
  • (Pay attention to the way you walk, the other players in the field, where there is no ball).
  • doubles must score 10 points.
  • They need points by replay,
    • after the coach's call,
    • the coach obviously makes it very difficult.
  • If they don't do their best, the score goes back to zero.
  • Team of two with ball, sitting opposite each other on the mat
  • Person A holds ball above head with both hands and moves to supine position while tapping the ground with ball backwards with outstretched arms
  • Person A moves to sitting position and hands the ball to person B
  • Person B goes to the supine position and taps the ground with the ball backwards
  • and so on

May also be with bended knees


  • In prone position throw ball to partner
  • Partner rolls the ball back over the ground