Volleyball drills for all skills


  • one ball in pairs.
  • hold the ball up high
  • then move sideways over the sidelines along the net or around the field.

Exercise with several links, so it is important that each link seriously participates.

  • From position 2 a player throws the ball to the player at position 6.
  • This player passes the ball to SV at position 3.
  • SV plays the ball to 4.
  • Here a player catches the ball, and connects with position 2 (outside off).
  • Every player changes position 1.
  • Variation:
    • Instead of passing underhand, pass overhead.
    • Instead of overhand, smash.


  • Instead of catching, the player in position 4 smashes the ball. Note: at the net, step back, attack pass and smash.


  • 6 players play a full attack.
  • Points of attention: how do you stand at the service of the opponent. (Classic/switch).
  • line up players.
  • go over the lines. Also play without the ball.
  • After every second service, change players.

  • three pass to each other.
  • One person takes care of control.
  • So don't play around, but take turns passing to a lone person.
  • Groups of three players.
  • Two behind each other, at four metres another one.
  • The first one of the pair throws the ball to the player in front of him, this one does a check and then passes to the third player and so on.
  • Pass the ball every time.
  • From position 6, player throws ball to SV at 3.
  • This player SV takes turns playing left right. Catch ball and go to position 6. The thrower without ball, goes to respectively 2 and 4 to catch the ball.
  • Change SV regularly.
  • This can be done on both sides of the field
  • Variation:
    • Pos. 2 throws to pos.6 this passes seam SV this plays alternately to the left and right.


Because the balloons move more slowly and feel softer, they are ideal for practice.

First 1 child with 1 balloon:

  • Keep the balloon in the air.
  • Punch up as low as possible.
  • Hit as hard as possible.
  • Hit over the net, child underneath, and continue on the other side.
  • etc etc.

Then 2 teams with 1 balloon:

  • Basically the same tasks as with 1 child, but now they have to take turns hitting the balloon.
  • So the children have to work together and see how they can make it easier for each other.

1 balloon each:

  • Now you can also practice the service and pass.
  • The balloon is not as hard as a ball and the children have time to stand up properly before the balloon comes down again.


  • first good hand
  • other hand
  • in turn
  • take high
  • take low
  • walk dribble
  • go under your leg


  • Two teams.
  • Throw the ball in front of yourself with a bounce and then come under the ball and pass overhead to the other.


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