Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 2 teams.
  • 1 player smashes the ball, controlled to fellow players,
  • this one brings the ball back OH.
  • 5x and then change.
  • If this goes well, it may be done in one continuous action.
  • Smash - pass - bra.
  • Divide the groups.
  • One group does the exercise, the other looks on and possibly collects balls.
  • Exercise lasts 3 minutes and then change groups.
    • First smash by trainer on 3/4, they bring the ball back with a good pass.
    • Smash by trainer on 3/4 and then position 1 catches the ball on position 3.
    • smash by trainer on 3/4 then position 1 plays the ball overhand from position 3 to 4. player from 5 catches the ball on 4.
  • 2 groups on 2 halves.
  • One group does the exercise, the other defends and collects balls.
    • 1 player stands next to the trainer,
    • takes a few steps backwards,
    • then performs a pass rush.
    • Trainer throws the ball shortly above the net, followed by the smash.
  • Goal: short quick attack.
  • After everyone has done some attacks, divide the group on position 3 and 4 for short and long attack.
  • 6 plays a full game.
  • Accents are
    • Move without the ball.
    • Basic position,
    • 2 types of playmaker.
      • from one, watch position player 2 and just with middle as playmaker.
  • 4 players on each side of the net,
  • 1 at each antenna,
  • 2 together in the middle on the 5 meter
  • Group is divided into 2 teams.
  • Trainer starts the game by introducing some balls on both sides of the playing field.
  • The players have to pass the balls over the net as often and as much as possible during 3 minutes by throwing the ball to a team mate who passes the ball over the net.
    • This can be BH, and/or OH.
  • The team that has the most balls in the field after 3 minutes, has lost.

So pay attention:

  • teamwork is necessary
  • Stay in each other's neighbourhood.
  • You are not allowed to run with the ball.
  • 2 teams, sometimes 3 teams
    • Throw the ball underhand, fellow player plays it back underhand.
    • Assignment, ball must be returned with a nice curve.
    • After 10 throws, change, and continue.
    • Throw in the ball underhand, teammate plays it back underhand, again in a nice curve,
    • Ball is not caught but returned overhead.
    • Ball is thrown underhand, fellow player shuffles backwards, and plays back underhand with a nice arc.
  • Trainer smashes, throws balls to 3 players on 1 playfield.
  • Players 1, 2 and 3.
  • Per turn 3 balls.
  • These 3 players have to process the smash into a pass to the midfield, in a nice curve.
  • Midfielder catches the ball, and puts it back in the ball bin.
  • Watch out:
    • Player 3 leaves the field, the other 2 move up and are supplemented by new players. Rotation.