Volleyball drills for all skills

  • 6 players on the field
  • Trainer or other player puts ball in play.
  • 6 players must pass, distribute and attack.
  • Play continues until a point is made.
  • 6 players are not allowed to play in the 3 meter zone.
  • After 5 points there is a change of players.
    • Because of first training, no extra tactical assignments.
  • 6 players on one side.
  • Other players on the other half.
  • 6 are waiting on position 6.
  • One by one come forward, trainer throws up the ball briefly, for a quick middle attack.
  • Players take a run-up with an attack pass and smash the ball over the net.
  • 2 teams play a match, (possibly on a smaller field)
  • 3 minutes highly concentrated
  • maybe an attempt at a middle attack
  • after 3 minutes break.
  • Skip two teams overhead
  • start at the net
  • then circle the field.
  • Bunch of two balls
  • one sits on his knees on the ground the other goes from left to right
  • after a while change
  • Putting two benches in a field,
  • shuffle up and down between the benches,
  • 15 times (up and down is 1)
  • Both sides set up a team, normal game line-up.
  • Trainer throws ball into the backfield, team defends and builds up attack, opponent idem, ball is introduced by trainer where mistake is made.
  • Quick switching, lasting rallies and no delays as a result of service.
  • Regularly turn at the indication of the coach.
  • Players stand in pairs, briefly facing each other.
  • On the ground between the two players lies a ball.
  • The trainer gives the commands:
    • Head,
    • chin,
    • knees,
    • feet,
    • ears,
    • BAL!
  • At the command BAL, the players must try to get the ball as quickly as possible.
  • At the other commands, they tap on the corresponding body part.
  • 2 with the ball and the rest by tapping the ball against another.
  • Running with the ball is not allowed.
  • Once tapped you are also tapped.
  • Tappers wear a ribbon