Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Thick mat against the net
  • Batting from one side of the net
  • Block defense on the ball coming from the mat
  • Defense on the short ball which comes over the mat
    • Short ball is processed into pass, setup, jump ball back
  • 1 set upper, 1 catcher at the basket, the rest pass.
  • Trainer throws ball to passer
  • Set up tries to score in the basket.
    • In basket = 2 point
    • edge = 1 point
  • Catcher puts ball in basket.

  • Make two teams.
  • One of each team goes to the other side. This one sits on his buttocks on position 1.
  • He serves, the ball must be caught.
  • After that move to position 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • The team that catches the ball first at position 5 has won.

Emphasis is on technique OH, so start with throwing the ball, if this goes well you can switch to key, attack or serve.

  1. R1 throws the ball over to R2
  2. R2 passes OH the ball to P2 (can be placed on a mat, where he/she is not allowed to get off) (comes into BH position)
  3. P2 passes BH to A2
  4. A2 passes to R1
  5. R1 passes OH the ball to P1 (may be placed on a mat, which he/she is not allowed to leave) (enters BH position)
  6. P1 passes BH to A1
  7. A1 plays to R2
  8. ....

  1. Trainer plays ball to passer
  2. Passer gives BH pass to attacker
  3. Attacker plays to the predetermined zones by means of a BH

Turn after every ball

Exercise can be made more difficult by placing a defence (block)


Exercise to control the reception movement:

per 2 players a ball + hoop

  1. player A throws the ball in arc to player B with hoop
  2. Player B tries to estimate where the ball will fall by putting down the hoop.

Points of attention:

  1. Correct reception position
  2. sinking through the knees

You can extend the exercise by playing reception with the hoop leaning on the ground.

  • One side
    • Thrower at mid-back
    • Blocker/setter at right forward
    • (extension: player at left back / player at right back)
  • Other side
    • Passer left, halfway 3m - back line
    • Setter
    • Attacker

  • Throw to passer
  • Pass, set pointer over the block
  • Midfielder enters, and defends to setupper

  • Expansion
    • Jump ball diagonally (extra player at left back)
    • Prick-ball/shot straight through deep back (extra player at right back)
    • Attack through the middle
    • Attack over left
  • In each field
    • passer
    • catcher
    • thrower on the 3m line
    • (total 6 players, extra players reserve 1 extra per position)
  • Passing, catching and throwing underhands
  • Chasing the ball

  • Extend with:
    • Pass the ball at the top of the line
    • Pass
    • Catcher gives short ball back on 3m line, passer runs in
    • Passer moves back, catcher touches the ball gently.
  • Team positioning
  • PLAYER serves ball. (STORAGE)
  • Team defends, gives a set up and attack.
  • Then trainer throws ball into field again. (FREE BALL = other passer)
  • Players must be able to change quickly in the field and know where they must stand.
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