Volleyball drills for all skills


Trainer stands with ball box at the net, position 2/3, players stand at position 1, 5 and 6 for defense.

Trainer throws ball to players:

  • If ball at position 1, players of position 1 and 6 exchange after playing back ball
  • If ball at position 6, players remain standing
  • If ball at position 5, players of position 5 and 6 clear after playing back ball

  • As long as the passing remains good at 2/3, the coach continues to pass the ball.
  • Players not participating stand around the field and make sure the ball pit stays filled.
  • 1 player on each side of the net, the rest join behind the back line.
  • (Player A and Player B)
  • The ball is played over the net by player A overhead.
  • Player B defends the ball underhand,
  • Player A runs under the net and gives a pass to Player B.
  • Player B plays the ball overhand over the net and then starts giving a pass.
  • (Player A connects with the other side at the back)
  • If the exercise goes well the ball can be hit quietly over the net.
  • Match 1-1:
  • divide field into smaller squares.
  • Service, defense with minimum 2 contacts.
  • Who gets 10 points first?
  • Throw ball against wall.
  • Finish with two flat hands.
  • Catch ball high on the nose.
  • As it gets better, play 1 through, then catch.
  • One player stands in front on the right.
  • Other players line up in a row.
  • Trainer throws the ball diagonally hard into the corner.
    • Player positions himself well under the ball towards the front-right player
    • Player holds his ground like a plank
    • Player plays underhand to the player on the right front side
    • Player turns to the right front
  • Coach throws ball in at different positions.
  • Team solves it in three plays.
  • Basket is on the right front side.
  • Players stand in line.
  • Trainer throws the ball diagonally hard into the corner.
    • Player positions himself well under the ball towards the basket.
    • Player bounces the ball nicely.
    • Player plays overhand into the basket.
    • Player retrieves own ball and puts it in the basket
  • Who scores the most points.
  • Trainer places hoops in difficult places before practice.
  • Players serve into hoops.
  • Feet at shoulder width
  • hands and arms point outwards start in a good starting position
  • bend the knees most of the power comes from there
  • body and feet point to the direction of play
  • arms remain stretched next to each other and are brought together just before the ball
  • the contact area is the forearms