Volleyball drills for all skills

  • slight stagger
  • feet pointing to where you want to play
  • arm outstretched old
  • fingers open hard surface
  • Almost do not throw the ball
  • Do not swing your arm too far Stop in time
  • Work in 2 teams each divided on one side of the field.
  • On each side there is also a chair starting on a position.
  • On this chair sits someone from the other team which makes sure that on the other side someone from your own team sits on a chair.
  • Other players serve the ball towards the chair. If the person sitting on the chair drops the ball, they switch positions and the chair moves one position.
  • Goal: be the first to move the chair around all positions and be back at the starting position.

Divide into 2 teams who will run against each other.

  • Players stand in 2 groups behind the backline
  • Player runs to the 3 meter line with the ball, throws the ball over the net, runs under the net and catches own ball again.
    • Run with the ball to the backline, put it in the hoop and sprint back, tap the next player in the waiting line.
  • Next player sprints to the ball in the hoop, takes the ball and does the same throwing exercise when coming back.
    • Give the ball to the next player who will put it back in the hoop... etc...
  • When the ball falls, the exercise must be repeated.
  • Extend exercise with different throwing techniques or over passes
  • Make groups of 3,
    • One player stands at the back line with the ball to serve,
    • the other two players move to the other side of the net.
  • The first player is going to serve, the other two are going to defend and call.
  • The player not defending runs forward and catches the ball.
  • It is rolled to the player who defended and the player who caught goes under the net to the player who saved.
  • It goes on like this all the time.
  • Building up with a pass and possibly attacking.
  • If the ball falls between the players or falls without being called, as punishment sit-ups or pumps.

6 different exercises to be done in turn for 30 seconds (at 100%) and then 30 seconds to 1 min rest

  • ladder + dives
  • sit-ups
  • tap lines + attack run
  • squats
  • bench/step to jump on
  • pumping position tapping or pumping shoulders

  • Put two chairs 18,3 meter apart.
  • Put a tennis ball on chair 1 (this will be replenished), and put a bowl on chair 2.
  • The players work in pairs.
  • One player runs and the other fills up the tennis balls.
  • Collect in 9 minutes as many tennisballs as possible in the bin.
  • You are not allowed to throw and you have to run around the chairs.
  • Cover 5x the distance of 10 meters as fast as possible.
  • Put 2 cones/line at 10 meter distance.
  • The player runs between these cones 5x.
  • The pawn/line must be hit with the foot!
  • The players work in pairs.
  • One player runs and the other player clocks.
  • Put 4 pawns in a T-shape.
  • 5 meter distance next to each other (between 3,2 and 4) and 10 meter ahead (between 1 and 2)
    • Start at 1 forward to 2,
    • then left sideways to 3,
    • then right sideways to 4,
    • then left sideways to 2
    • and backwards to 1.
  • Record the fastest time in 2 attempts.
  • Players work in pairs. One runs, one clocks.

  • The player sits with his back against the wall and his legs in a 90 degree angle.
  • Keep this up for as long as possible.