Volleyball drills for all skills


This exercise is about another player taking over the setup.

The players are divided into two groups. One group is lined up in the front left corner ready to attack. The players of the other group line up in the back right of the field.

  • The trainer bounces the ball high somewhere in the field (1).
  • The player gives a high setup to the outside left (2) and then gets in line at the front left (3).
  • The first player on the front left smashes the ball (4) and retrieves it himself in order to join the back row on the right (5).


Match 2 v 2, where the 3m line is the back line (and less wide)

  • variations:
  • obligatory all abovehands; also 1st ball!
  • obligatory all underhand
  • obligatory 3rd ball with 1 hand
  • etc

  • The three of you start at the back line
  • in the push-up position and then one of them jumps over it
  • and so we move on and whoever gets to the net first and back again has won.

  • three people in the field.
  • Coach hits the ball into the field
  • then sets it up in three
  • over the net
  • who plays the ball over the net retrieves it and puts it in the cart.
  • 4 players are in the line-up. 1 of the players SV.
  • 3 other players serve.
  • Perfect pass to SV
  • SV plays behind 3 meter line for attack.
  • 10 balls change.
  • team is in line.
  • serve on team
  • team builds attack, completes it.
  • Coach plays next ball immediately,
  • 4x in quick succession.
  • throw the ball with 2 hands
  • catch with 1 hand
  • change hands 3 times
  • throw the ball with 1 hand
  • catch with 2 hands
  • 3x
  • throw the ball with 1 hand
  • catch with 1 hand
  • 3x right + left