Volleyball drills for all skills


Make two teams. These players face each other with a ball in the middle on the ground.
The trainer takes turns calling out something for the players to do. This can be :

  • Head (tap head)
  • Shoulders (tap the shoulders)
  • Knee (tap the knees)
  • Toe (tap toes)
  • Ball (grab the ball)

The pairs compete against each other, trying to get the ball as quickly as possible and win.

  • The players line up at position 5 with ball,
  • a set-upper at position 2/3,
  • one attacker at position 4.
  • 1 player stays out of the rotation for a while and sits on a chair in the middle at the other side of the court with 6 sheets (on them number 1 to 6).
  • The players are going to build up an attack,
    • position 5 throws the ball,
    • position 2/3 gives a set-up
    • and position 4 passes the ball over.
  • The player at the other side of the net, when the set-upper plays the ball, holds up one of the six leaves with number.
  • The attack must pay attention to this and play the ball on the spot indicated by the player on the chair.


  • 5 - 1 line-up,
    • 3 players on the serving side
    • and 5 players on the defensive side.
  • Trainer (Libero) defends on POS VI,
  • Passeur stands at POS I and then 3 attackers at POS II, III (mid) and IV.
  • 3 defenders on the other side and try to defend the ball, we play the rally on!
  • It is allowed to block.
  • The player behind the first attacker throws the ball to the distributor.
  • This player passes the ball on to the attacker at the net. (Free hit)
  • Extension:
    • 3 defenders at the other side of the field.
    • The attackers hit the defense.
    • They pass the ball to the defender's position.
      • If necessary, place a basket through which the ball must pass.

  • Service between, in front of or behind mats, NOT on them.
  • After service a pass to the net on a passed ball
  • (after the service you take part in the game and make an action).


  1. 4 players in pass on 1
  2. the rest of the players stand on the other side of the net to catch and throw the ball
    1. first player throws the ball over
    2. set-up with pass to outfield player
    3. outfield player places the ball in the marked zones
  3. after each attack we rotate


  • The trainer throws the ball over to 1 of the 3 players and the passer runs around the cone to the mat and tries to catch the ball on the mat and put it in the basket.
  • The 2 reserves do ladder exercises and then one of the reserves takes the place of the reception player and the reception player becomes a passer and the passer becomes a reserve.
  • While the one player does the reception, the other two move to their home positions and get ready to attack.
  • You start in the middle.
  • You walk to the first hat, then back to the middle again.
  • You do this with every hat.


  • Line up on the back line.
  • Trainer rolls the ball towards the middle line.
  • The player who gets the ball first has won.


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