Volleyball drills for all skills



  • Player A throws ball over the net.
  • Player B or C passes the ball over the net.
  • The other player quickly runs under the net and sets up the ball for the same player who passed.
  • This player tries to get a pawn off the bench with overhand play or a hitting move.

Which pair or team has knocked the most pawns off the bench after X number of minutes?

  • Grouping into 2 groups,
  • Each group gets a small mat and the opponents must try to hit the mat with a ball.
  • If they hit the mat they get a point.
  • If the mat falls, the opponent gets a point.
  • free ball is brought in by reception player
  • then the pass is given
  • and the attacker attacks in a defined zone.
  • Point system:
    • out: -1,
    • net: -1,
    • in: 0,
    • inside the box: +2
  • Free ball -> pass -> diagonal attack:
    • 3 blockers,
    • 2 defenders who choose between 5/6 or 1/6
    • and 2 attackers on 4 and 2 who attack diagonally.

  1. in quiet walk 3x back and forth to the net.
  2. overhead lungescooling-down-4
  3. calf muscle (stand on bench and alternately push your heel down, do not force)cooling-down-4
  4. upper legcooling-down-4
  5. shouldercooling-down-4
  6. calmly dribble to the net 3 times.
  • In pairs with 1 ball and with the net in between.
  • On a 3 meter line and serve calmly to each other.
  • Throwing up and concentration.
  • Same but increase the distance.
  • If it goes well then increase the distance again.
  • The ball has to be caught by the other player.
  • If the ball falls you go one meter forward.


  1. 15x abdominal muscles
  2. 30x trunk turn (15x left, 15x right) with ball
  3. 10x squat-jump ( with ball)
  4. 10x push-up
  5. 10x block jump (at the net)
  6. 30 sec planking

Repeat 3 times

everyone a ball

  1. play the ball underarm independently. (2 minutes)
  • Play from your legs, no arm waving.
  • keep your arms stretched
  • Make sure the ball falls on your wrists.
  • Push your hands downwards.

2. pass the ball underarm in pairs (8 minutes)

  • play under the net (force your knees to go up)
  • 3 meter from each other (1 side of the net)
  • 6 meter from each other (1 side of the net)
  • play the ball over the net to each other underarms

1) running (on stockings
) 2) stretching

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