Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Organization:
    • Split group into trios with one hoop.
    • They stand on field A at p1.
    • Trainer with the balls on field B.
  • Execution:
    • Player hold the hoop together.
    • Trainer hits ball.
    • Trio must try to bounce the ball through the hoop.
    • Retrieve ball and hand it in to Tr.
    • Next trio.
  • In addition to ball lane recognition, they learn to work together and communicate.
  • Two sides are hit (if possible), with each attacker attacking 5 times in a row.
  • On each side are lined up:
    • 1 Distributor.
    • 1. Attacker.
    • 1. Thrower (with own ball).
    • 2. Catchers (of the batted ball).
  • Turn over after every 5th attack.
  • In a possible 2nd round a one-man block can be added.
  • Per person 1 hoop.
  • Running next to the hoop, take as many steps as possible with your left foot through the hoop.
  • Running next to the hoop, take as many steps as possible with your right foot through the hoop.
  • Running next to the hoop, tapping the ground with your left hand through the hoop.
  • Running next to the hoop, tapping the ground with the right hand through the hoop.
  • Overtake the hoop and let it roll between your legs.
  • Next:
    • Throw in tight in pairs (3x*) and keep the hoop moving in front of/next to you.
    • Pass over and immediately crawl through your own hoop.
    • Overplay OH and roll over the hoop.
  • Working in 2 pairs, 1 stands behind the court, the other stands on the other side with the hoop.
  • Side A serves 5 times a concentrated tight float service through the hoop held above it by the other.
  • After that change.
  • Then one more time but then the hoop is held half a meter above the ground elsewhere in the field.
  • Do move and also on position 3/4 conflict zone.
  • 2 rows of attackers behind 3 metres on the outside edges, 2 x SV in the middle.
  • T hits ball to SV who controls the ball for himself and then gives a set-up to position 2 + 4.
  • SV keeps peripheral vision and plays extra control key if attacker leaves too early.
  • Attacker hits to a line. (Excluding zone mid-back position 6)
  • Make 2 teams
  • T (coach) throws ball to or serves on the straight.
  • Action 1:
    • Player runs in and passes
  • Action 2:
    • Player runs in and is ready for the set-up
  • Action 3:
    • Player gives a pass to position 3
  • Action 4:
    • Set-up at position 4
  • Player tries to knock a pawn off the bench by smash.
  • Pawn off the bench?
  • Twosome gets 1 point.
  • Organization:
    • 2 on P2 with 1 ball.
    • 1 player on 4 and 1 on 6.
  • Implementation:
    • Player on 1 plays bra to 4.
    • From 4 a technical attack on p6.
    • Pass to P2 and again a setup to p4.
  • Running direction:
    • From p2 to p4 to p5 to p2.
  • Organisation:
    • Square formation.
    • 2 players in the "attack".
    • 2 players defend and set up.
  • Execution:
    • Ball is hit diagonally to the 2 players in the back.
    • From the pass the other defender gives a setup also diagonally.
    • This one too is immediately attacked again on setupper, etc.
  • After a few minutes functions change.
  • Organization:
    • Field B players on p2, p3 and p5.
    • Field A players on P2 and p4.
    • Trainer with the balls on field B.
  • Implementation:
    • Trainer throws balls to PL on 4.
    • Pass, setup and attack on P4.
  • Attention:
    • Block on 2 hand set, fingers spread and reach for the ball.
    • Center block connects with hands straight ahead.
    • SBS6 (Stand still block stroke arm to position 6).