Volleyball drills for all skills

  • This exercise is done in pairs, standing about 4 meters apart.
  • One player rolls the ball to the other.
  • The latter must stop the ball with two hands behind his/her back.
  • In this way, the player can only stop the ball in a low forward position: shoulders in front of the knee, knee in front of the feet.
  • Make sure you understand that the exercise is for learning to adopt a low posture when passing / defending.
  • Physically, this exercise is very taxing on the legs, so don't do it for 5 minutes, but play three series of 10 balls.
  • 2 groups of minimum 4 players.
  • reception, pass technical ball over the net.
  • Receptionist becomes distributor, distributor under the net and connect to the other side.
  • idem for the other side.
    • Gradual increase in difficulty.
    • Simulate both attack and serve.
  • 2 rows behind the back line.
  • First 2 stand in the field.
  • Trainer brings in ball.
  • Pass left player towards position 2/3 then setup of right player.
  • The passer goes to attack on own side of the court.
  • The setupper does attack coverage.
  • Team rotates through new team.
  • 4 or more players.
  • Divide them left side and right side.
  • The left side calls or indicates with their finger number 1 or 2.
  • At 1 the right side must pass underarms and at 1 they must pass overhand.
  • To play the ball behind you.
  • Variation is to call short or deep.
  • At deep play above hands and at short play forearms
  • Trainer throws the ball high on the (right) front.
  • On the left front side a player comes in and sets up on the outside (in a basket).
  • Watch the set-up:
    • ball up
    • stretch your legs
    • Point the ball well after the set up
  • Set upper stays a few (10) balls. other kids pick up the balls.
  • Then everyone with attack.
  • Couple 1 ball facing each other, sit on the ground and pass to each other overhead.
  • Later also try it lying on your belly
  • Player first hits the ball 2 times with a limp wrist.
  • At the third strike the player hits the ball hard on the ground.
  • Catch the ball herself.
  • Each team has a washcloth.
  • One of the players stands on a bench.
  • She holds the washcloth high, so the second player has to hit the washcloth with a good batting motion.
  • 4 players per half.
  • One must make an offensive pass.
    • Left, right/left for the right-handed players.
    • Right, left/right for the left-handed players.
  • With this pass, you must try to hit a basket.
  • If this goes well you have to catch a ball in the air thrown by the trainer.