Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Put 6 hoops down, on the 6 positions. (P1 t/m 6).
  • Make 2 fair teams, easiest is from 4 players per team.
    • One person from each team starts in the hoop at position 1.
    • The rest of the team stands with a ball on the other side of the hoop, behind the back line and vice versa.
    • As soon as the trainer indicates it, both teams start serving on the hoops.
    • The person standing in the hoop tries to catch the service without stepping out of the hoop.
    • When a service is caught, the person who served the ball moves to position 2, to catch the ball in the hoop.
    • The person who was in position 1 goes to his own backline to serve.
  • The team that catches the ball first at position 6 is the winner.
  • Important is to concentrate on a good service every time.
  • The goal of this exercise is to tactically put away or hit the ball.
  • This by means of a tap ball on midmid, or a ball deep on position 1.
  • By using baskets you can create a 'constant' block, which eventually can be replaced by a real block.
  • The pawns at position 1 can best be replaced by a cupboard, over which the ball must fall, over the 'defender'.
    • The trainer hits a ball, or plays a ball in, which is first passed to the distributor,
    • the playmaker gives a set-up to the outside.
    • The attacker decides whether to try a short passed ball at midmid (where there is a hoop),
    • or looks for position 1 with a hit or a fast overhand ball.


  • Play fanatically in pairs
  • Make long series.
  • Is that going well?
    • Try to hit the ball quietly every now and then.
  • Coach throws from the net:
    • 3 players on the backline on their stomachs.
  • Trainer hits the ball,
  • 3 players stand up and trainer attacks/plays.
    • Nr. 1 of the trio defends,
    • No. 2 sets up and
    • No. 3 attacks
      • then next 3 team
  • One player is tagged.
  • When you are tagged, sit against the wall with one arm up. NOTE: legs in an angle of 90 degrees.
  • When someone sits on your lap (=toilet) and "pulls" on your arm, you are free again.
  • Change your ticker regularly.

Code cracking.

  • 2 Teams against each other
  • Exercise set 1
    1. 4x sprint over 1 half of field
    2. 10x situps
    3. 30 seconds planks
    4. 10x jump on the bench with both feet next to each other
  • Exercise set 2
    1. 10x BH turn catch
    2. 10x BH OH sit catch
    3. 10x BH catch over net
    4. 40x service against the wall and catch

  • 1324321441
  • 3423112434
  • 2243121341
  • 4132124321
  • Make three pairs
  • the middle one plays backwards.
  • All on the back line
  • two walk to the net
  • make a block jump
  • and go backwards again
  • the coach puts the ball in play
  • and they set up an attack.

Starting situation:

  • 2 players on 5
  • 3 players on 3
  • 3 players out of 4
    • Trainer throws the ball to 5, they pass to 3 in turn, they play BH Set Up to 4 attack.
    • Players on 4 retrieve the ball. After 6 attacks turn around and chase the ball.
    • Variation. SV starts from position 4 or 2, runs to 3 for the Set Up.
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