Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Each team has a washcloth.
  • One of the players stands on a bench.
  • She holds the washcloth high, so the second player has to hit the washcloth with a good batting motion.
  • 4 players per half.
  • One must make an offensive pass.
    • Left, right/left for the right-handed players.
    • Right, left/right for the left-handed players.
  • With this pass, you must try to hit a basket.
  • If this goes well you have to catch a ball in the air thrown by the trainer.
  • 4 players per half.
  • The players have to jump high with a neat attack pass and try to hit the basket.
  • If this goes well, the players have to catch a ball in the air, which is thrown by the trainer.

In order to make a good hitting move, the following exercise can be done in between.

  • Right-handed player stands on left leg and holds right leg bent backwards.
  • When making a smash move, the right leg should also move forward for extra power.

2 triples work the drill, the other 2 players pick up balls.

  • Trainer throws or smashes ball to passer on 5.
  • Passer passes ball to playmaker on 3.
  • Playmaker plays ball overhand to attacker on 4.
  • When the attack is over the other trio comes into action.
  • The trio that is ready, makes sure they turn around.
  • A team has to score 10 points by passing the ball.
  • Trainer throws no easy balls.
  • If the 2-squad doesn't do their best, they lose the points gained so far.
  • The other player collects balls.


Depending on the number of players :

  • 6 against 2 (or 3 with trainer)
  • 4 against 4
  • 5 against 3 (or 4 with trainer)
  • assignment may be:
    • obligatory to play 3 times,
    • end with a smash
    • 2nd ball (distributor) must be overhand.
  • groups of three
  • 1 field
  • one half of the field = winners side, other half = losers/neutrals side
  • the 4 corners of each field will be numbered from 1 to 4
  • on each half 1 group stands, the remaining group is a reserve
  • the group on the loser side can serve and there will be played a rally
  • Every time a player has touched the ball, he/she has to tap one of the 4 corners of his/her half. This must be done in numerical order.
  • So when the ball comes to the group in question for the first time, the person who does the first contact, taps corner number 1. The person who does the second contact, taps corner number 2 and the person who does the third contact, taps number 3.
  • The ball is passed over.
  • The ball returns to the side of the group in question, but now the person who makes the first contact must tap corner number 4. The person who does the second contact, must tap corner number 1 again and the person who does the third contact, must tap corner number 2. If the ball then comes over again we start tapping corner number 3.
  • You keep doing this until the rally is over.
  • If the group on the winner's side wins, they get to stay and get a point.
  • If they lose, they have to go back to the loser side.
  • If the group on the loser's side wins, they must move to the winner's side, but they still don't get a point.
  • If the group loses, they have to go back to the loser's side.
  • If necessary, an assignment can be given to the group that lost the rally.
    • pumps
    • sit-ups
    • squads
    • plank
    • mountain-climbers
    • ladder
    • ...


  • Ball toss in pairs
  • hitting back with one arm.
    • Start with your good arm.