Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Walk loose around the terrain
  • Warm up exercise
  • Walk forwards, blocks
  • Lateral double blocks
  • Sprint to the back line and dive
  • Sideways low to 3 meter, sideways back to backline with roll
  • Spurt to the net, run out.

  • Divide the group in two
  • Each side gets one mat on the ground
  • Roll on the mat and stand ready to defend,
  • Back player plays the ball to the defender (difficult/striking)
  • Divide the group in two, each group with a ball.
  • Serve easily (possibly underhand) at the same time.
  • Ball can be hit in 1 time or max 3 times over the net.
  • Server brings in the ball at a quick pace,
  • Players defend/pass this ball to 2/3 (catcher).
  • Catcher catches the ball --> serve --> around the pawns and sprint to the opposite side
  • Etc

  • Make 2 rows.
  • The last player walks with the ball through the gates.
  • Rolls the ball back through the gates
  • Next player takes ball through gates
  • 3 defenders at 1 side of the court the rest at the other side all with ball (server)
  • Servers serve the ball, the defenders have to pass it to the TR (position 2/3)
  • Change players regularly!
  • Point count:
    • Good serve and bad pass is 1 point, but wrong serve is deduction of one point --> servers
    • Good pass is 1 point, but wrong pass is deduction of one point --> defenders
    • Who is first to reach 7 points
  • TR rolls the ball to the servers
  • Trainer hits a ball into the field at mid back where a passer is standing,
  • He passes it to 2/3 .
  • SV comes running in from right back and gives a set on outside or back.
  • They attack the other team.
  • If they can continue to play, the rally continues.
  • When a point is made you start hitting the ball into the field at the other team.
  • Who is the first to the 3 points
  • Then you rotate 3 spots
    • Why? Because otherwise you have to jump and attack 2 times in a row as left forward and then 2 times in a row in the backfield. Afterwards you have variation.
  • Half of the team lined up at position 2.
  • Other half of the team with ball at position 5.
  • Just start throwing in and chasing the ball.
  • Extend with passing at position 5 and overhand at position 2.
  • Then expand further by adding exercises like blocking at the net, diving etc.
  • 1 player at position 2.
  • 1 player on position 3.
  • Coach or player on position 4.
  • Rest of the players in a line behind the back line at position 1.
  • Player at position 2 throws a deep ball.
  • Player passes back.
  • Player at position 3 throws a short ball inside the three meter line.
  • Player passes back ball.
  • Player/coach at position 4 hits or throws a deep ball.
  • Player passes it back and joins the back of the row again.
  • Don't forget to pass regularly!
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