Volleyball drills for all skills

  • A serves ball to B.
  • B passes ball to server.
  • Play distributor plays ball between the 7- and 9-meter line. (B runs there in the mean time)
  • B passes ball to server again.
  • Distributor sets up the ball.
  • B attacks ball straight ahead.
  • A passes this ball up in front of himself and catches the ball.
  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes playmaker, playmaker becomes server.


A short but intensive warming up to get the heart rate up and warm up properly.
This is completely without the ball.

  • To start this warming-up we first start with 2 to 3 laps around the field.
    • This is to warm up the muscles a little bit.
  • Then we stand in a circle.
    • And do the following exercises in order with a 10 count rest each time
    • 30 sec Jumping jacks; bend knees towards each other.
    • 30 sec Penalty bench; with the back against the wall and knees in an angle of 90 degrees.
    • 30 sec Push-ups; touch the ground with the nose.
    • 30 sec ...; from lying down position, jump and stretch, lie down again.
    • 30 sec Planks; do 2x.
    • 30 sec alternating Lunges; do 2x; alternating.

Players split into pairs.

  • 2-2 play on a half court. Up to the 9-yard line.
    1. Only above and below the line.
    2. See point 1 + directed attack.
  • Pass the ball by service.

pair up.

  • At the net with the ball
    • other player on back line lying down.
  • Stand up in different ways:
    • just get up,
    • through squatting,
    • jump high in one go.
  • Both players stand: at the net with the ball, ball is hit aimed. Pass back.
  • Later: hit the ball harder (left/right/harder).

Trainer puts 2 mats, 4 cones in the holes of the field.

  • 4 in lineup,
  • 1 throws the ball to person on the tray and person on the tray keys, hits the ball over the net.
  • The other 4 do 3 pass game and attack on the mat or cones.
    • Mat = 1 point
    • Cone = 2 points

All stand in one big circle.

Take turns calling out a command; "command.....!"

  • Attack
  • Dive
  • Left
  • Right
  • Block
  • ....

After 5 commands 30 seconds of alternating straight, left and right.


Starting position is a formation with 4x4 players and the remaining players behind the back line of field A.

  • Trainer throws the ball into field A and they play the ball 3x over the net,
  • Field B defends and tries to return the ball in 3x,
  • If one of the teams scores a point, we rotate in pairs.
  • The back players of zone B leave the field and join the back line of field A.
  • The front players of B field become back players in B field,
  • the front players of field A become front players of field B, the back players of field A become front players of field B.
  • A new pair of players turns into field A and becomes the back players.


  • A cone; catching the ball at the right height
  • Catch the ball at the right height and throw it back.
  • Throw the ball up, fellow player plays it back overhead.
  • Pass the ball overhead to each other; stop if it is not correct.


A varied warm-up where 6 benches standing next to each other with each +/-2-3m between them form the basis. See videos for exercises. It is a varied selection of exercises: running, running, jumping and strength exercises with and without a ball. Depending on the target group, you can choose the exercises.

1. 2 players start at the same time. One slaloms around the benches by starting on the right, the other by starting on the left.

  • Forward in a run
  • Give high-fives every time they cross each other.
  • Every time they cross each other jump and hit each other's hands.
  • Backwards

2. Same as 1, only it's not a slalom, but you meet in the middle every time.

  • Lean on one knee and join hands. Then back again and walk around the bench.

3. 2 players remain simultaneously. Grab bench with two hands. Do legs over the bench three times. Then move to next bench and so on.

4. Same as 3, but they cross each other. Every bench one changes from left to right.

5. You jump as 3, once over the bench. Sit with your back against the bench. Grasp the bench with your arms. Legs stretched. Do 1 push up.

6. Same as 5, but you cross each other. Each bench is alternated between left and right.

Grasp the bench with your hands and your body stretched out. You make 1 push up. And jumps once over the bench.

8. Same as 7, but you cross each other. Each bank switches from left to right.

9. Combination of 6 and 8. Start at the first bench with a push forward, the next bench backward and so on until the last bench. In between they cross.

10. One jumps leg by leg over the benches in a running pace.

11. Same as 10, but they cross each other. Each bench is crossed from left to right.

12. One jumps on the bench. Then from 1 jump spread legs around the bench. You look at each other. Bench up-down-up and through.

13. Same as 12, but they cross each other. Every bench one changes from left to right.

14. Pairs. One player lifts up the bench at the right side. The other player crawls under the bench and grabs the next bench on the left. Now the other player goes under the bench, etc.

Foursomes. In fact the same as 14, only now the bench is grabbed by 2 players on both sides. Then 2 players go under it and hold up the next bench, etc.