Volleyball drills for all skills


  • All on the back line
  • two walk to the net
  • make a block jump
  • and go backwards again
  • the coach puts the ball in play
  • and they set up an attack.

Starting situation:

  • 2 players on 5
  • 3 players on 3
  • 3 players out of 4
    • Trainer throws the ball to 5, they pass to 3 in turn, they play BH Set Up to 4 attack.
    • Players on 4 retrieve the ball. After 6 attacks turn around and chase the ball.
    • Variation. SV starts from position 4 or 2, runs to 3 for the Set Up.


3 teams A B C

  • A plays BH to B
  • B plays BH back to A
  • A plays BH to C
  • C plays BH to B
  • B plays BH back to C
  • C plays BH to A
  • Repeat the above 10 times and then turn around one place

The same exercise but OH

  • 5-minute laps around the field.
  • Hamstring stretch.
  • Ankle stretch.
  • Groin stretch.
  • Back stretch,
    • Stand tall,
    • step by step, hands on toes, starting with the chin on the chest.
    • Then slowly go down to the toes.
    • When the toes have been touched, slowly lift up and stretch all the way again.
  • Planks on two elbows 3x20sec
  • Planks on the side 2x20 left 2x20 right
  • Push up 2x10
  • Abdominals 2x10 Move elbows to knees.
  • Warm up with ball


  • play overhead to each other and
  • when you have played each time then touch the pawn.

  • 1 pass on 2, 
  • 2 set-up on 3, 
  • 3 BH on 4 - 
  • 4 pass on 5 
  • 5 set-up on 6, 
  • 6 BH on 8 
  • etc. Turn over: - 1 runs around the pawn to the position of 2.
    • 1 moves around the pawn to the position of 2 
    • 2 moves around the pawn to position 3 
    • 3 to the other side to the position of 4, etc.



  • 1 and 2 both have a ball
  • 1 plays underhand to 2
  • 2 rolls his ball over the ground to 1 
  • etc. VARIATION: pass overhead and roll 2nd ball


  • 1, 2, and 3 start in the middle
  • C bounces the ball and the players move to their defensive positions.
  • C attacks one of the defenders.
  • after the defence, set-up and 3 meter attack
  • after 5 times a new 3



  • A line-up of six players stand in the field.
  • On the other side stands the trainer, included if necessary.
  • Three players stand at the net with 1-2 balls and one server stands (this can also be the trainer).
  • The first ball is served and handled by the 6 players.
  • Where the attack is played, the person standing with the two balls at the net, throws the ball back over the net very quickly.
  • In this way the attacking cover is trained.
  • From this cover, all attackers must of course return as quickly as possible to give support.
  • A short run is important.
  • You will therefore be training a lot of blocking without actually blocking
  • Keep on blocking until the net players have run out of balls, until it is not safe or until they simply cannot play anymore.
  • Rotate through a position every so often so that side-out is trained on every position.
  • After throwing the ball, the net players should look back to make sure that the previous ball doesn't secretly roll back under the net.


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