Volleyball drills for all skills

  • The coach places a ball on the halfway line.
  • On both sides of the net stands a team behind the backline.
  • The players must try, by throwing/rolling balls against the ball on the half way line, to get the ball over the back line of the other team.
  • The defending players can only stop the ball by throwing/rolling against it.
  • 2 teams,
    • 1 with ball at the net,
    • 1 without ball on the backline flat on belly.
  • Attacker calls his name, defender defends the ball (underhand thrown ball)
    • Then short ball on 3 meter line.
    • change after 10 balls
  • A serves ball to B.
  • B passes ball to server.
  • Play distributor plays ball between the 7- and 9-meter line. (B runs there in the mean time)
  • B passes ball to server again.
  • Distributor sets up the ball.
  • B attacks ball straight ahead.
  • A passes this ball up in front of himself and catches the ball.
  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes playmaker, playmaker becomes server.


A short but intensive warming up to get the heart rate up and warm up properly.
This is completely without the ball.

  • To start this warming-up we first start with 2 to 3 laps around the field.
    • This is to warm up the muscles a little bit.
  • Then we stand in a circle.
    • And do the following exercises in order with a 10 count rest each time
    • 30 sec Jumping jacks; bend knees towards each other.
    • 30 sec Penalty bench; with the back against the wall and knees in an angle of 90 degrees.
    • 30 sec Push-ups; touch the ground with the nose.
    • 30 sec ...; from lying down position, jump and stretch, lie down again.
    • 30 sec Planks; do 2x.
    • 30 sec alternating Lunges; do 2x; alternating.

Players split into pairs.

  • 2-2 play on a half court. Up to the 9-yard line.
    1. Only above and below the line.
    2. See point 1 + directed attack.
  • Pass the ball by service.

pair up.

  • At the net with the ball
    • other player on back line lying down.
  • Stand up in different ways:
    • just get up,
    • through squatting,
    • jump high in one go.
  • Both players stand: at the net with the ball, ball is hit aimed. Pass back.
  • Later: hit the ball harder (left/right/harder).

Trainer puts 2 mats, 4 cones in the holes of the field.

  • 4 in lineup,
  • 1 throws the ball to person on the tray and person on the tray keys, hits the ball over the net.
  • The other 4 do 3 pass game and attack on the mat or cones.
    • Mat = 1 point
    • Cone = 2 points

All stand in one big circle.

Take turns calling out a command; "command.....!"

  • Attack
  • Dive
  • Left
  • Right
  • Block
  • ....

After 5 commands 30 seconds of alternating straight, left and right.


Starting position is a formation with 4x4 players and the remaining players behind the back line of field A.

  • Trainer throws the ball into field A and they play the ball 3x over the net,
  • Field B defends and tries to return the ball in 3x,
  • If one of the teams scores a point, we rotate in pairs.
  • The back players of zone B leave the field and join the back line of field A.
  • The front players of B field become back players in B field,
  • the front players of field A become front players of field B, the back players of field A become front players of field B.
  • A new pair of players turns into field A and becomes the back players.