Volleyball drills for all skills



  • The teams on the mats must conquer 4 pawns together without being tapped in x number of minutes


  • Pairs on the 3 mats (can be extended to 2 pairs)
  • 2 cops between the mats and pawns
  • 9 Pawns about a field length of the mats.

Explanation of the game;

  • The pair on the mat must conquer a pawn, hand in hand or otherwise connected to each other.
  • The taggers will try to tag one of the two.
  • If one of them gets caught, they have to go back to their mat and try again.
  • The first to four cones wins. The team with the fewest pawns is the winner.
  • Set a time limit for a number of minutes to keep the game going.


  1. short long underhand
    • 2 teams with 1 ball.
    • player at the net plays the ball overhand short-long to other player who plays it back underhand
    • after 15x change
  2. sideways - underhand
    • Idem, only now a deep ball is played left and right of the player.
    • after 15x change.
  3. mix - underhand
    • Idem, but now everything is mixed and varied
    • after 15x change.


  • arms (plank)
  • right foot in front
  • eyes' of shoulders right direction
  • Split the players into two groups.
  • Each group on one side of the net.
  • Pass the ball over the net from player A to player B by a block move.
  • Player B moves sideways towards player C and passes again over the net, etc. etc.
  • Meanwhile, player A can do a ground exercise while waiting.

Bounce the ball for yourself and pass to another player

  • regular storage
  • targeted storage to mats
  • jump storage?
  • 3 to 4 players (team with 2 players), 1 ball, half field
  • Net down and then game of catch the ball over the net
  • Other tries to catch it
  • The ball may bounce 1 time and then the other tries to catch it (may also catch it directly)
  • After catching the ball throw it to the other player and smash it again.
  • If the ball is not caught and is 'in' you have a point.

With this exercise the players learn to play 'smart'. just over the net or in the back corners

Per 2:

  • Player A stands at the net, player B lies on the 3-meter line.
  • At the moment player A throws up the ball to test, player B stands up.
  • Player A plays BH to player B, player B does OH to player A.
  • Player A gives a pass to player B, player B tries to play into a hoop.

The hoops represent the number of shots that must be drunk.

  • Hoop 1 = 1 shot
  • Hoop 2 = 2 shots

Variation 1
: Player A plays the first ball via a technical attack.

Variation 2:
Player B plays the ball with a hard overhead contact over the net.


  • Builders:
    • The novice builder begins to pass to the fellow builder.
    • You run on and receive the ball back from the team-mate.
    • You then break through to the outside and pull your defender along.
    • You then pass back to the team player so that he/she can score.
  • Defender:
    • The defender defends actively
    • You do stay defensively at the goal area line.

Place the thick mat against the net (for large groups, 2 mats).

  1. The attackers must hit their attack against the thick mat. The defenders should be behind the attacker to defend the ball.
  2. The attacker "pokes" the ball over the block. The defence passes the ball to themselves