Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Trainer stands with all balls in the field
  • And throws the ball up to the distributor who puts it up to the attacker
  • Player smashes the ball over the net
  • Player retrieves the ball and gives it to the trainer
    • Distributor at the net.
    • Attackers in a row behind the three meter
  • Someone serves the ball into the court,
  • they put a pillon there.
  • The other players have to serve as close to that as possible.
  • Everyone puts his bottle where he has served,
    • Whoever is closest,
    • or serves on the pillon,
    • can now serve the first ball.
  • one playmaker on position 2/3
  • one attacker on position 4
  • 2 blockers
  • 1 defender on position 5
  • trainer on position 1
  • the rest with the ball
  • you are going to attack to score, but it is not allowed to hit with a big arc over the blocker the ball is not allowed to come above the antenna during hitting or tapping.
  • Attacker becomes middle blocker
  • Middle blocker becomes outside blocker
  • outside blocker becomes defender
  • etc


  • Ball should not be higher than the antenna
    • if necessary string up a rope between the aerials
  • Serve on both sides of the net.
  • divide into 2 groups of 5
  • 1 player on each side on position 5
  • 1 player under the basket
  • ball is thrown over the net and the passer plays the ball into the basket
  • after that you join the group on your own side of the net.


  • left back, mid back right position
  • 3 blockers
  • the rest on the other side of the ball
  • The ball is introduced when the defenders are in position.
  • left and right back start on 3 meter line. mid-back starts on double line.

  • left back, mid back right back position
  • 3 blockers
  • the rest at the other side ball
  • ball is introduced when defenders are in position
  • left and right back start on 3 meter line. mid-back starts on double line.


  • Two rows of pawns, about 3 meters between rows, one pawn every 1.5m.
  • Total 8 per row. Players divide into 2 groups and 2 rows,
  • 1 line at each row of pawns (possibly 2 extra lines if the group is big).

  1. Run along the right side of the row, backwards over the left. 3x
  2. Lift your knees to the front, calmly run back 2x
  3. Heels/buttons out, calmly back, 2x
  4. Skater's stride out, slowly back 2x
  5. Sideways out, sideways back, keeping face the same direction 2x
  6. Cross pass inwards and backwards, keeping face in the same direction 2x
  7. 2 pawns in front, 1 back at high speed 2x
  8. Sprint from pawn to pawn, circle each pawn in short strides.

Group together, 1 row at the right-hand side of the pawns.

  1. Move sideways between the pawns, touching each pawn 2x
  • Play the ball for yourself overhead,
  • if it goes well, only do it underhand,
  • and later on alternate
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