Volleyball drills for all skills


Warming up:

  • 3 laps of running in .
  • Core and move
  • 30 sec planks
  • 30 secs against the wall with ball in stretched hands
  • 1/3 players on 1 side of the field (scoring side)
  • 1/3 players serve and go on the other half
  • 1/3 players wait for their turn
    • you can only score points on the "scoring side" of the pitch
    • If you make a mistake or the other team scores, you have to leave the field.
    • If you win against the scoring side, you take their place on the "scoring side".
    • If you win on the scoring side, you get 1 point.
      • play until 1 team has 15, or a time limit and see who has the most points at the end

Score with assignment:

  1. Ball in 2x over
  2. Ball in 3x, placed (BH or OH)
  3. Ball in 3x, 3m attack
  4. Free



  • Try to serve the pawns from the bank. Team that empties the bank first wins
  • exercise in pairs
  • one player has a cone in his hands,
  • the other player has a tennis ball,
  • both players stand at 4m from each other and the tennis ball is thrown over.
  • The intention is that the person with the cone then catches the tennis ball in the cone,
  • This player also adopts a correct position to play reception,
  • the throwing of the ball can be varied:
    • underhand
    • overhand
    • with bots
    • left or right of the player
  • Bets a ball and throw it in
  • Then they will play overhand
  • Then play underhand
  • For the fans you may go peppering:
    • If that doesn't work you can play tight overhead instead of hitting.
  • With 7-9 (odd number) players in a circle,
  • Overhead passing,
    • skip 1 person each time.
  • Then the same, but underhand.
  • 4 players per field half, on the corners of the field.
  • 1 player works, gets 2x a ball from each player. First thrown, diagonally, then hit.
  • Movement is clockwise. Move quickly, high tempo exercise.
  • If there are more than 10 players, 6 per field half can also be placed.

Two teams. After each ball that goes over the net, 1 position is rotated. First at the 10.

  • 2 rows, back left and back right, 1 without ball (front), rest with ball.
  • 2 players at the net, front left and front right
    • Player 1 row left throws the ball in the middle,
    • Player 1 row right passes BH to left front, then from left to right.
    • After that, BH passes, tap player before the ball is there
    • Afterwards BH, player may attack