Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • In today's exercise, the following techniques will be used: serving, attacking, passing and distributing.
  • However, the emphasis is on the pass and the distribution.
  • The players have to watch, think well and react adequately during this exercise.

service-pass-and-distributionThe diagram looks more complicated than the exercise is. The exercise goes as follows (I keep the numbering of the red numbers):

  • 1 player 3 serves
  • 2a one of the two playmakers runs to the position at the right front (the playmakers take turns)
  • 2b one of the two passers (in this case player 2) passes the ball to the right front side
  • 2c player 3 (who has just served) runs to the backline of the other half of the game
  • 3 the server gives a setup to the player who did NOT pass. A setup to the centre if player 2 has passed and a setup to the outside if player 1 has passed.
  • 4+5 the player who did not pass attacks (in this case player 1)
  • 6a the attacker retrieves his own batted ball and joins the back of the line of serves.
  • 6b the attacker's place is taken by the first player in the row behind the court.

As soon as the ball is struck the next service is executed.

  • Group split into two groups of 5, field divided into two halves'.
  • on each side a bench on the back line with cones on it. (opposite sides)
  • 3 players leave on the back line, 1 reserve, 1 service on other side of the field.
  • A serve is given to the three players: reception - pass - touch over net.
  • when the player has played the ball the players walk to the side where the bench is: reception - pass - hit to the cones
  • Which team hits the most cones off the bench?
  • You stand about 3 meters from a wall, you do the attack run. (attack pass) Short-long- close pass (brake pass).
  • If you get too close to the wall with the brake pass, you have to look at how big your 2 previous passes were.
  • With the brake pass/ close pass you make sure your striking hand touches the wall (don't put too much force on it)
  • You take your arms with you, so with the short arms to the front, with long arms to the back, with the brake pass bring your arms up.
  • Pay attention:
    • Make sure you don't end up too close to the wall.
    • Or that you hit the wall with your face.
    • Also keep an eye on your technique and how your feet end up.
  • On one side you attack with three attackers, on the other side you defend.
  • Trainer throws balls for the playmaker

5 hoops distributed over the field:

  1. 1 in the corner at position 1
  2. 1 in the corner on position 5
  3. 1 in the corner on position 2
  4. 1 in the corner at position 4
  5. 1 on the 3 meter line - in the middle of the field

A on pass:

  • Self-touching - A plays back - attacks/allies on returned ball


A on pass:

  • Passing to right post - someone on position 5: himself passes to A - A passes and attacks

At the centre: someone stays on to pass the ball to the centre


  • Server hits the ball and serves.
  • From the side and back three defenders quickly enter the field, one passes to the SV at the 2 position.
  • He gives a three-metre pass to one of the defenders who did not pass.
  • Passers swap with the reserves.
  • After x times swap roles.
  • Option:L the server defends the three-meter ball.
  • Right: right big step, quick li/re connect for jump.
  • Think about the arm movement.
  • At the big step, arms forward; at the small step, arms backward to take up position (arching) and to smash.

Variation: throwing a tennis ball

Attacking pass, from pylon, right, front centre, back.

Players take in pairs 1 ball

Player A stands 2 foot lengths from the curtain.
Player B stands 1 meter behind player A

  • Player B hits the curtain
  • Player A must keep the ball off the ground


  • Standing low
  • Stand ready
  • Expecting the ball
  • Do not go for your favourite side
  • Roll over if you can

Jore and Marie

Jore and Marie take turns standing in a square of cones:

  • Cone left front
  • Cone right front
  • Cone left back
  • Cone right back

The trainer plays the first ball (attack), then the libero quickly taps the cone left in front of her and the one right behind her.
Trainer plays another ball (attack), the libero taps the cones right in front and left behind;
Trainer plays a short ball somewhere in the field

Trainer plays 3 balls:

  1. Attack to player inside the square
  2. Attack to player within the square
  3. Drop somewhere in the field

Everyone 5x

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