Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • 4 in attack with playmaker.
  • Other side, 1 on reserve out of the field (right at position 1,2) and 3 in the pass and a dropout.
  • The rest with ball on position 2 at the side of the attackers.
  • These throw the ball to attacker who then pass the ball to SV and get a setup back.
  • Attacking 3 defenders who pass to the offender.
  • Reserve enters the field and the passers rotate.
  • Last passer becomes receiver and receiver goes to line with ball.
  • Group is divided in 2 halves.
  • 4 players make sure that every service is processed to the SV.
  • SV plays the 4 players outside the 3 meter area. The four players must attack, aggressively, but outside the 3 meter area.
    • 2 groups play point forward. Both sides must play outside the 3 meter area. Also short balls are not allowed. No point in the 3 meter area.
  • 2 rows of players on one half.
  • They throw the ball to the trainer, who throws or plays overhand to the net.
  • Players walk to the net with an attacking pass and smash the ball.
  • Variation:
    • On the other side stands a player who tries to pass the ball.
  • A Storage
  • B reception
  • C first time play ball
  • A defense
  • C catches.
  • A to B
  • B to C
  • C to A
Attacking outside, centre and back

- 4 attacks calmly on 3 over the block of 1 and 2 
- 3 passes to SV
- 1 turns around after the block and attacks the middle.
- 4 blocks
- 2 and 3 attacking.

- same on the left
- idem on the right


  • 1 playmaker, 3 passers, 3 or 4 attackers in the left front. 2 servers.
  • Serving -> pass -> setup -> attack -> (block)
  • Server goes to row of attackers,
  • attacker goes to serve.
  • Passers remain standing.
  • Faulty service is no return.
  • Faulty pass is through.
  • Offender gets the ball.

3 triplets

  • 2 trios form base 6
  • 3rd trio on the other half of the pitch

intention is that the 6-team knows that an attack is played over 2 or 4.
6 team must anticipate

  • the midfielder must connect with the right/left forwards to make a block.
  • the remaining front player must move to the front of the net, the libeo (position 6) defends the block, Position 1 and 5 take position in the backfield.

After some attacking, 3 of them change position and 3 of them swap.

  • Alternate between anticipation 1 and 2.
  • Player must react correctly to attack and/or high ball.

points of interest:

  • call loose
  • move:
    • When attacking the block and the rest react in the back. Libero covers the block.
    • At high ball, anticipate to the back