Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • Ball is served.
  • Pass by 1/5/6.
  • Set-up by 1, but on a first pass by 1 set-up by 2.
  • After set-up an attack by 2/3/4, but on a set-up by 2 only an attack by 3/4.
  • After service 2 (or more) players walk into the court to play.
  • Ball/ralley is played all the way out.


    • Trainer stands at the net with a ball sticking out above the net
    • Attacking run-up (short-long run) and watch arms swinging
    • Make an offensive jump and try to touch the ball with the batting hand.
      • Watch out:
        • good posture
        • good height
        • arms well up
        • Put down the close pass (brake pass) properly
      • You can do this on both sides of the net, see picture. When you have completed the attack, pick up your ball and join the back of the line at the pawn.
      • Red dots= Trainer
      • Blue dots = players
      • Orange dots= Pions
      • Yellow dots= Volleyball
  • T touches the ball
  • Defend with a pass to T
  • then short tip ball
  • Three must do block defence
  • Finish the attack in threes

5 times then next threesome

  • Practicing defense of opponent's offense, block coverage and positioning in the backfield
  • Two teams one ball.
  • Get down on one knee opposite each other on the three meter line.
  • Then the smash through the ground under the net, the other catches the ball and does the same.
  • game form 3:3
  • Points may only be scored in the backfield.
  • Variation
  • - mandatory playing 3 times
  • - mandatory smash
  • If there is no smash as third ball, point opponent
  • 6 players on one side
  • trainer starts the rally.
  • players handle ball, and play rally.
  • Pay attention to how the trainer starts the rally.
  • If the trainer plays a high ball in the back, the whole team must move backwards, if the trainer plays an attack on the sides, the SV must join the left/right front, in front of the block.
  • The rest join in. Libero covers the block.
  • Variation:
  • - mandatory 3x play
  • - Mandatory 3rd ball smash
  • 2 groups, field in half lengthwise.
  • Side A left 2 servers,
  • Side B left 2 passers, 1 SV and 1 attacker.
  • After serving, server walks into the court and chooses position other server ready for next ball.
  • Pass to SV set-up
  • Attacker makes correct run and jump and plays ball BH to server. Then next ball.
  • On 5 occasions correct - 5 times tactical ball - task server on 3m line.
  • When 3 times correct - 2 times hard attack straight ahead.
  • Then turn except for SV.

  • Two passers - two SV
  • Attackers position 4
  • Blocker 2 centre and 1 outside.
  • Outside blocker indicates position.
  • Center connects.
  • Blockers turn around.
  • Offenders retrieve ball.
  • Coach plays ball.

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