Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • We play 3 against 3 on a half field,
    • pass,
    • set-up
    • and attack (aimed and not hard),
  • After playing the ball, everyone rotates a position.
  • When the ball lands on the ground,
  • just bring it in by playing overhand, NOT serving.
  • If there are too many players, then 1 in the waiting room to come in for the pass.
  • 5 - 1 line-up,
    • 3 players on the serving side
    • and 5 players on the defensive side.
  • Trainer (Libero) defends on POS VI,
  • Passeur stands at POS I and then 3 attackers at POS II, III (mid) and IV.
  • 3 defenders on the other side and try to defend the ball, we play the rally on!
  • It is allowed to block.
  • The player behind the first attacker throws the ball to the distributor.
  • This player passes the ball on to the attacker at the net. (Free hit)
  • Extension:
    • 3 defenders at the other side of the field.
    • The attackers hit the defense.
    • They pass the ball to the defender's position.
      • If necessary, place a basket through which the ball must pass.

  1. 4 players in pass on 1
  2. the rest of the players stand on the other side of the net to catch and throw the ball
    1. first player throws the ball over
    2. set-up with pass to outfield player
    3. outfield player places the ball in the marked zones
  3. after each attack we rotate

Coach takes care of the set up at the 6.

  • The game starts with the libero throwing the ball in, then the rally is played out.
  • Variation: game starts with service of the other team.
  • If it goes well the trainer doesn't play anymore, midfielder is playmaker.

  • 1, 2 and 3 start from the backline 
  • sprints to the centre line and back to the backfield.
  • C plays a ball in the backfield 
  • 1, 2 and 3 build up an attack (pass, set-up and attack)
  • get the ball yourself.
  • next 3


  • Two teams one ball.
  • Opposite each other then the ball against the ground
  • To smash to the other play.
  • Later on, place a pawn in the middle so they can hit it.

points of interest:

  • shout loose
  • move.
  • Back field.
  • row of attackers and blockers on the 3 -metre line
  • C plays rally ball on attacker 1
  • blocker 4 goes to the net
  • 1 pass to S and calls where he wants the set-up
  • (left, centre or right)
  • blocker follows the attacker and blocks
  • Attacker gets the ball, connect behind your own line.
  • If the attackers score 10 times, the attackers and blockers change places.
  • and blockers