Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • The goal is to play the ball in threes. This requires the commitment of every player.
  • So line up three players.
  • They solve a thrown ball (by the trainer), by playing in threes.
  • The first ball is passed to the upper-position.
  • The 2nd player, who has the job of upper-player, runs to the upper-place.
  • The 3rd player then prepares for the attack.
  • At first keep the ball on one side of the net, by not actually hitting the 3rd ball, but catching it.
  • Then 3 other players move in to do the same.
  • On the other side of the net, the same is practiced with the other half of the team.
  • After a while, when the ball is regularly played in threes, the ball is actually played to the other side.
  • The team on the other side then plays the ball back in threes.
  • And so on; play over as long as possible.
  • No scoring, it's about playing in threes.
  • Organisation: Make three teams with one ball.
  • Execution:
    • 2 players stand opposite each other at approx. 5m.
    • The third player is "distributor" and stands to the right of the passer.
    • Player 1 plays brace to 2nd player and he passes the ball to the right, where the Sv is standing.
    • This gives player 2 a setup, which is attacked on player 1.
    • Meanwhile, Sv runs to the right side of player 1 to receive the pass there.
  • Organization:
    • Trainer throws to playmaker on p2/4 on field A.
    • Every 5 setups the players are changed.
    • On p4 an attacker stands at the net.
    • On court B there is a blocker on p2 and a defender on p5.
  • Execution:
    • Trainer claps on the ball and throws to.
    • The attacker walks back from the net at the moment of hit and attacks the setup on p4.
    • She then runs back again and attacks a 2nd ball at p3.
    • The block on field B moves with her to p3.
  • Running directions:
    • Attacker becomes block.
    • Block becomes defense.
    • Defense retrieves the balls and becomes attacker.

  • Basic setup.
  • After processing the service, a rally is played.
  • At the net are 3 players with 1 ball.
  • On the place of attack a ball is immediately thrown back and has to be drained.
  • Play all balls and then rotate through.
  • On both sides of the field 2 players come in.
  • There is a pass, setup and attack (from 3 meter line).
  • When side A has attacked, these two players circle off and two new ones come in.
  • Side B defends the attack by the same pass-setup-attack, these players go to the back line and two new players enter.
  • Player starts serving, straight through, on the other side a defender is passing.
  • The passer passes to the trainer.
  • After service the player runs directly to position 5, where the trainer throws a ball for passing at 2-3.
  • Fixed playmaker, gives set-up on the outside.
  • After passing, the player makes an attack.
  • 2 blockers, defense behind the block and defense at left back.


  • The attacker becomes outside blocker.
  • Outside blocker becomes inside blocker.
  • Inside blocker goes to defend behind the block.
  • Defender behind the block starts defending at left back.
  • The left back picks up the ball and connects with the servers.
  • Trainer throws ball to passer.
  • Pass to the set-up.
  • Setup to left or right outside.
  • Attack.
  • Opposing team defends this ball and tries to make it a counter attack.


  • After 5 successful defensive passes, 3 players move to the other side, make sure there is always a playmaker in the receiving end's box, if necessary also take into account fixed positions of other attackers.

  • Two sides are hit (if possible), with each attacker attacking 5 times in a row.
  • On each side are lined up:
    • 1 Distributor.
    • 1. Attacker.
    • 1. Thrower (with own ball).
    • 2. Catchers (of the batted ball).
  • Turn over after every 5th attack.
  • In a possible 2nd round a one-man block can be added.
  • 2 rows of attackers behind 3 metres on the outside edges, 2 x SV in the middle.
  • T hits ball to SV who controls the ball for himself and then gives a set-up to position 2 + 4.
  • SV keeps peripheral vision and plays extra control key if attacker leaves too early.
  • Attacker hits to a line. (Excluding zone mid-back position 6)