Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • A line-up of six players stand in the field.
  • On the other side stands the trainer, included if necessary.
  • Three players stand at the net with 1-2 balls and one server stands (this can also be the trainer).
  • The first ball is served and handled by the 6 players.
  • Where the attack is played, the person standing with the two balls at the net, throws the ball back over the net very quickly.
  • In this way the attacking cover is trained.
  • From this cover, all attackers must of course return as quickly as possible to give support.
  • A short run is important.
  • You will therefore be training a lot of blocking without actually blocking
  • Keep on blocking until the net players have run out of balls, until it is not safe or until they simply cannot play anymore.
  • Rotate through a position every so often so that side-out is trained on every position.
  • After throwing the ball, the net players should look back to make sure that the previous ball doesn't secretly roll back under the net.
  • Trainer gets the ball from player 1
  • Trainer throws the ball to SV and calls on the position where the attack will take place. ( position 2 or 4).
  • Attackers on position 2 or 4 finish the attack, go get the ball themselves.
  • Player 1 goes to position 3 (SV).
  • The attacker who finished the attack goes back to the starting position.
  • 4 players per half.
  • player 1 throws the ball to SV at position 3.
  • SV try to play the ball into the basket.
    • hitting the basket = 1 point
    • in the basket = 3 points
  • After the exercise turn in the direction of play.
  • playmaker, attackers, 1 ball
    • SV only plays the ball high outside
      • Attacker hits and retrieves own ball
    • SV only plays the ball fairly flat outside
      • Attacker hits and retrieves own ball
    • SV only plays the ball far outside
      • attacker hits and fetches own ball
    • SV only plays the ball high midfield
      • attacker hits the ball and fetches own ball
    • SV only plays the ball fairly flat at mid
      • attacker hits the fast ball and fetches own ball
    • SV plays the ball just before the 3-metre line
      • attacker hits the ball and picks up own ball

Purpose of the exercise:

  • To allow players to experience what it feels like to 'leave' later for the attack

Exercise Explanation:

  • If volleyball players feel they are starting the attack pass too early,
  • or the coach feels that the attackers are coming too early,
  • this is a good exercise.

  • The playmaker is put down with a ball carrier.
  • He gets the assignment to play 5 or less times for himself.
  • The attackers do not know how many times this will happen, so they can only leave when the set-up is given, not before.
  • The attackers will have to come in more aggressively and will build up more speed and thus more height, provided they have a good brake pass.
  • If this goes well, the trainer can decide to move the playmaker closer to the attackers, so that the distance the set-upper has to travel is shortened.
  • This should make the attackers even more alert.
  • 2 rows behind the back line.
  • First 2 stand in the field.
  • Trainer brings in ball.
  • Pass left player towards position 2/3 then setup of right player.
  • The passer goes to attack on own side of the court.
  • The setupper does attack coverage.
  • Team rotates through new team.
  • Player first hits the ball 2 times with a limp wrist.
  • At the third strike the player hits the ball hard on the ground.
  • Catch the ball herself.
  • Each team has a washcloth.
  • One of the players stands on a bench.
  • She holds the washcloth high, so the second player has to hit the washcloth with a good batting motion.
  • 4 players per half.
  • One must make an offensive pass.
    • Left, right/left for the right-handed players.
    • Right, left/right for the left-handed players.
  • With this pass, you must try to hit a basket.
  • If this goes well you have to catch a ball in the air thrown by the trainer.